UPS Systems

An uninterruptible power supply or a UPS is a system that protects data centers and equipment from temporary power outages and power surges. UPS systems contain a battery backup system that stores incoming AC power for use when your electric power supply falters. Your equipment can then run off of DC power for a short time. Once the power comes back on, the batteries are recharged. Industrial UPS systems protect your servers, computers and other IT equipment from inconsistent voltage that can damage your equipment or cause it to malfunction.

When the electricity goes out completely, UPS systems provide backup power in those crucial moments before your generator kicks in. If your equipment isn’t protected in those few minutes beforehand, it can be costly to your organization, causing you to lose time, money and vital information. UPS systems allow you the valuable time necessary to save information and shut down your equipment, or wait until the generator power kicks in. Mission Critical Facilities International sells a variety of the industry’s best UPS power supply systems to protect data centers and mission critical facilities.

Types of UPS Systems

UPS systems are often referred to as double conversion, single conversion or multi-mode systems. Some UPS systems have the capability to operate in multiple modes. Single conversion UPS systems are more efficient, but they don’t provide the same level of protection. Standby UPS systems are single conversion systems, and they are generally the most practical option for small applications. Double conversion systems, due their higher level of protection, are usually the standard for mission critical facilities. Multi-mode UPS systems are more expensive, but they allow for a combination of both efficiency and a high level of protection.

We sell all these types of industrial UPS systems from a variety of reputable brands, including Eaton, APC, Mitsubishi and more. Eaton is a company that has been in business for 100 years and their award-winning equipment has made them leaders in the UPS industry for over 40 years. APC is also an award-winning American company that has been in the business for over 40 years. We are proud to offer some of the world’s best UPS systems from these innovative and reliable brands at competitive prices.

Why Purchase a UPS System from Mission Critical Facilities International?

As experts in the data center and mission critical industries, we can help you choose the right industrial UPS system for your facility and your operations, which can be a breath of fresh air when trying to make the right purchase. Things to consider when purchasing a UPS include the available space in your data center, electrical infrastructure requirements, total load of your equipment, and the type of monitoring system it has. It’s also important to think about how much your facility will grow in the next several years. Purchasing the wrong UPS system for your facility can be costly, inefficient and ineffective.

In addition to helping you select a UPS, we can also install it, test it and provide battery maintenance for your UPS for years to come. A properly maintained UPS system can operate reliably for up to 20 years and UPS batteries will last 3-5 years. We also provide UPS battery replacement services and we recycle used batteries at EPA-compliant centers.

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