About Mission Critical Facilities International

We design, specify, provide & install data center power & cooling infrastructure systems.

Conscious Capitalism: Our Commitment

Conscious Capitalism is the belief that businesses and entrepreneurs should use their position to make a positive difference in the world.

At Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI), we believe a business should exist to do more than just make money. We work on data center infrastructure projects around the world, and it’s important to us to add value to our community on both a global and local scale. That’s why we practice ethical entrepreneurship, or Conscious Capitalism.

MCFI regularly volunteers and donates to organizations that embody the values and principles of the people with whom we work. We recognize that we can—and should—do more than just sell our services. Our community involvement gives us a greater purpose and is an essential part of our company culture.

Here are a few of the ways we’ve practiced Conscious Capitalism recently:

  • Providing backup generators to a pair of hospitals in remote Guatemala
  • Volunteering at the Central Texas Food Bank
  • Buying our company Christmas cards through the MD Anderson Children’s Art Project, with net proceeds supporting patient programs for children with cancer
  • Making a company matching donation to the Houston Flood Relief Fund for Victims of Hurricane Harvey
  • Making donations to local animal shelters to help find forever homes and support shelter intake after Hurricane Harvey

We don’t see Conscious Capitalism as a box we need to check off: it’s something that everyone on our team truly cares about, and getting involved with community organizations throughout the year helps to keep us engaged and inspired.