Used and Refurbished Caterpillar Generators

Mission Critical Facilities International Offers Refurbished Caterpillar Generators.

If you are interested in buying a refurbished Caterpillar Generator, please contact us with your inquiry.

There’s a reason Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) stocks a large inventory of used Caterpillar generators. Caterpillar (more commonly known as CAT) is the world’s leading manufacturer of generator sets for demanding settings. CAT individually tests every component of their generators and ensures their assembled units can operate at and above 100% of the rated load. Data centers and other mission critical businesses know that when they purchase a CAT generator, new or used, they can count on it to power their facility in the event of an outage or disruption.

MCFI’s used Caterpillar generators for sale are a reliable and affordable backup power source. Our thorough testing and expert servicing mean you’ll get used CAT gensets that work like new units—without having to pay new equipment prices.

Rigorous Testing for Quality Assurance

Whenever MCFI adds a used CAT generator to our inventory, we perform a battery of tests and servicing tasks to make sure the unit is up to our high standards. Our detailed process includes:

  • Top-to-bottom inspection of the genset and its individual components
  • Load bank testing to determine if the unit can still operate at 100% of the rated load
  • Painting if needed

We know that the used and refurbished Caterpillar generators we sell reflect us as a company, and we only release gensets that match the reliability we’re known for.

Buy & Sell Used CAT Gensets

Mission Critical Facilities International doesn’t just sell used Caterpillar gensets: we also buy them from our customers. If you have old or surplus generators that your facility no longer needs, take advantage of our trade-in program and get credit towards your next MCFI equipment purchase. We’ll pick up your old generator from your facility and refurbish it so that another business can use it. You’ll free up valuable space at your facility and make money that you can use to upgrade your standby power equipment.

Warranty Protection and Customer Service

MCFI believes in the quality of our used CAT gensets, which is why we offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties on our equipment. The exact terms of the warranty will vary based on the equipment’s age, condition, and model, but we’ll do whatever we can to cover as many situations as possible. We truly care about the success of your facility, and we offer these warranties so that you’ll know you’re getting a product whose quality is guaranteed.

If you do encounter any issues or have any questions after you purchase a used Caterpillar generator, our experienced customer service team will be available to help. Our team believes in forming long-lasting professional relationships with our customers, and we want to see you get the maximum value out of your generator.

If you have any questions about our used CAT generators for sale, don’t hesitate to contact our team before you make a purchase. With years of experience in data center infrastructure and projects around the world, we’re happy to tell you more about our products.

We hope you’ll choose Mission Critical Facilities International every time you need to purchase cost-effective power and cooling equipment.