Data Center Services and Solutions

Don’t juggle multiple vendors and contractors for your next data center infrastructure project—let Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) do all the hard work for you. We can handle everything from sourcing and installing new or used equipment to providing ongoing maintenance and even decommissioning your old data center or infrastructure hardware.

Why Mission Critical Facilities International?

We have over 15 years of experience managing data center infrastructure projects throughout North America and around the world. We provide critical infrastructure solutions for a variety of industries, including healthcare, oil and gas, telecommunications, IT, and more. We also work with businesses of all sizes, from small independent distribution facilities to enterprise data centers.

MCFI has developed a large network of trusted contractors and manufacturers that we work with on data center projects. We’re vendor and manufacturer-neutral, which means we’ll help you find the equipment that is best for your facility rather than promoting one manufacturer. We can also help you save money by sourcing used and refurbished products. With our extensive network and existing inventory, we’re able to get both new and used equipment to your facility quickly.

When you need to complete your data center project on a tight deadline or budget, partnering with MCFI is the smart choice.

Our Critical Infrastructure and Data Center Services Include:

Mission Critical Facilities International Specializes In:

Turnkey Projects

When you need someone to handle all aspects of your critical infrastructure project, choose Mission Critical Facilities International. We’ll see your project through from analysis and design to installation and launch or even decommissioning. Our team will handle all site installation, including electrical and mechanical work and integrated systems testing.

Project Management

Communicating with multiple vendors can turn into a full-time job, taking you away from the important work of managing your facility. Mission Critical Facilities International can serve as your single point of contact for your data center project, ensuring that your facility is properly set up and running optimally. You can also rely on us to keep your project on track by providing equipment sourcing and data center consulting services.

Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management

As critical infrastructure specialists, we provide infrastructure portfolio management with our team of data center experts. We take an inventory of your facility’s infrastructure and service providers and optimize them to help you meet your business goals. Our services give you the ability to minimize risks through greater visibility and better decision-making.

UPS and Battery Maintenance

Unscheduled downtime has significant financial implications, and sometimes reputational consequences, for your business. To prevent downtime, you need to schedule routine preventive maintenance for your UPS system. MCFI can provide all UPS system and battery maintenance services, including maintenance tracking, parts, labor, management services, and battery recycling.

Generator Maintenance

We service and maintain all types of commercial generators, including natural gas and diesel, regardless of brand. Because we are vendor-agnostic, we have the unbiased knowledge and expertise to perform routine maintenance and repairs on a wide variety of generators. We keep track of your generator maintenance schedule and proactively schedule all service work. MCFI ensures that your generator continues to operate safely and reliably.

Battery Replacement

Battery replacement is critical to your standby power system, and weak batteries are a common cause of standby power failure. No battery lasts forever, and even with routine checks and maintenance, they will eventually need to be replaced. MCFI provides UPS and generator battery replacements for a wide variety of brands at competitive prices. We also recycle your old batteries according to EPA specifications.

Work with Mission Critical Facilities International

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