Generator & Switchgear Solutions

Your backup, standby, or mission critical power setup is crucially important to ensure your data and your business is online all of the time. The best way to ensure that your business is safe, is to design a generator and switchgear solution that protects your equipment and keeps your business running, regardless of outages, blackouts, unpredictable weather, and other threats. Mission Critical Facilities International specializes in the planning, design, and execution of these switchgear and generator solutions, bringing all these components together in a way that increases your equipment’s longevity and lowers your total cost of ownership.

Switchgear Solutions

In managing your facility, it is important not to overlook the switchgear and the electrical setup of the facility as a whole. Arranging your power circuit breakers, electrical disconnect switches, electrical fuses, and other switchgear elements for maximum safety and effectiveness will help you sleep better at night, knowing your equipment is properly protected and configured. Mission Critical Facilities International can analyze your current switchgear setup and provide the optimal solution for your business. We specialize in sourcing, installing, and servicing switchgear setups around the globe. The switchgears we source and install include:

  1. Manual & Automatic Transfer Switches up to 4000A
  2. Power Circuit Breakers up to 4000A
  3. LV and MV Switchgear line-ups of all amperages
  4. Utility Switchgear and Transformers

Generator Solutions

What generator fits best with your current setup and backup power needs? Which model can be relied upon in the most rugged of conditions? Is a new or used generator the best fit for your facility and your budget? Mission Critical Facilities International will not only help you answer these questions, we can also design, source, and install your next generator on-site, anywhere around the globe. The generators we incorporate into our solutions include:

  • Natural Gas & Diesel type Generators up to 3000KW
  • Indoor installations, enclosed packaged units, and power modules

We work with only the leading generator and switchgear brands – Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU Onsite Energy, Kohler, Atlas Copco, Eaton Cutler Hammer, Square D, S&C, ABB and Merlin Gerin, so that you’re always in good hands with Mission Critical Facilities International. With years of experience in setting up generator & switchgear solutions on aggressive timelines, you can’t go wrong with Mission Critical Facilities International.