Edge Data Center Solutions

Edge data centers are an accessible way for companies looking to improve the speed and reliability of their data processing and storage systems. Unlike traditional data centers, which house incredible amounts of critical applications and data, edge data centers operate closer to the source of the data, or edge of the network, which reduces latency and increases the responsiveness of data processing and storage. Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) is a partner in the edge data center market that can provide your business custom edge data center solutions.

Genius Edge Data Center Solutions


Mission Critical Facilities International provides industry-leading, real-time edge data center solutions for industries utilizing data centers. MCFI has pioneered GENIUS modular data centers, which are cheaper and faster to build than even most edge data centers. A single facility can be customized to your business's unique needs and can be operational in as little as five months.

GENIUS Solution Highlights

Reduced capital expenditures

Reduced construction time

Sustainable and smaller carbon footprint

Optimized maintenance costs

Designed to deliver up to 70% leasable (revenue-generating) space

What Are Edge Data Centers?

Simply put, edge data centers are facilities that function like regional or cloud data centers but are located in remote locations, usually nearer to end users that utilize cloud-based services. Edge data centers are traditionally smaller in size than traditional data centers but can connect to central data centers, or other networks of data centers. Regional data centers are typically large facilities located near urban areas where a large amount of data is generated. Cloud data centers are oftentimes located in centralized, remote areas where land and power are inexpensive, but they house massive amounts of data.

Edge data centers usually house the same type of information as traditional data centers but are contained within a smaller footprint because they're located closer to end users and devices. Typically, most edge data centers are connected via fiber to the larger regional and cloud data centers.

Benefits of Edge Data Centers

Businesses looking for edge data center solutions will find that in addition to increased speed and reliability, edge data centers can also process and analyze data in real time. This allows for faster decision-making and a more responsive system overall. Increased security and privacy in regard to sensitive data are some other benefits of edge data centers versus other data centers.

Edge Data Centers Increase Speed

As the number of connected devices continues to grow, traditional data centers will struggle to keep up with the increased volume and the velocity of data being generated. Devices like sensors and cameras are expanding at a rapid pace, and edge data centers are more efficient at handling this increase in data and usage. This improves performance and reduces strain on the network.

Edge data centers can also handle data in remote or hard-to-reach locations. Traditionally, remote locations would have a hard time transmitting large amounts of data to traditional data centers, so edge data centers located closer to these remote locations offer a quicker and more direct line to data services.

Edge Data Centers Improve Security

Oftentimes, regional or cloud data centers are located far away from where the source of the data originates. Edge data centers increase security by placing data storage and processing closer to the source of the data, reducing the need for data to be transmitted over long distances, which can make it more vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

Edge data centers also often have enhanced physical security measures, such as secure access controls, surveillance cameras, and backup power supplies, to ensure that data is protected from threats such as theft, natural disasters, and power outages. Additionally, edge data centers may implement advanced security technologies, such as encryption and firewalls, to further protect data from unauthorized access or hacking attempts.

Mission Critical Facilities International Edge Data Centers

MCFI provides a wide range of offerings when it comes to your business's edge data center needs including GENIUS modular data centers, custom turnkey data centers and containerized data centers.

GENIUS Data Centers

MCFI offers a multitude of solutions when it comes to our GENIUS data centers. Unique configurations are designed to meet the unique needs of their customers and include:

  • Colocation/retail: 8-15kW/rack, up to 250 racks.
  • Hyperscale/warehouse: 8-15kW/rack, segmented infrastructure/secure rooms.
  • Edge SuperNode: 10-15kW/rack, 500kW blocks.
  • Edge HD: +20kW/rack, 500kW blocks, water-cooled.

Most GENIUS data centers are operational in less than five months, and MCFI's team works with your business to ensure on-time and clear communication as to the status of the project. These modular data centers provide increased scalability and flexibility over other container data centers. 

GENIUS data centers can also be adaptive and allow for new technologies to be integrated into their designs. The next generation of modular data centers includes even higher degrees of flexibility and performance, more efficient use of capital, global repeatability, and improved sustainability, along with increased IT capacity.

Turnkey Data Centers

MCFI has over 15 years of experience with turnkey data centers. MCFI focuses on the process and ensures that projects move quickly and efficiently so that your business can get what you need in a timely manner. Once MCFI meets with you and works to understand the exact needs and challenges you face, the project gets set in motion. A design that includes the physical sizing of both the facility and the storage needs is created. From there, a set of plans for electrical, structural, and mechanical systems are drawn up and adjusted based on any changes your business might want. 

Logistics are then handled and managed to ensure the timeliness of the project is met. MCFI's team then gets to work and provides ongoing support beyond the scope of the project. MCFI ensures ongoing maintenance and infrastructure management services so you can focus on running your business.

Containerized Data Centers

A containerized data center is a portable data center built inside a repurposed International Standards Organization (ISO) shipping container and can be utilized as a custom edge data center solution. This compact and durable modular data center can be rapidly deployed in virtually any environment and can be stacked vertically to reduce the required space. Containerized data centers have a design that balances power, cooling, and capacity, giving you an energy-efficient and clear-cut building block approach to data center expansion.

Edge Data Centers' Role in Modern Digital Infrastructure

Edge data centers have emerged as a critical component of the modern digital infrastructure. They provide businesses and organizations with fast and reliable access to the data and computing resources they need to support their operations and customers.

Edge data centers are becoming increasingly important for businesses and organizations for a multitude of reasons. They seek to support the growing demand for data-intensive applications and services, improve network security, reduce latency, increase network performance, and support the development of new technologies and innovations. As the digital infrastructure continues to evolve and expand, edge data centers will play a critical role in supporting the growth of the global economy and enabling businesses to remain competitive in the digital age.

Edge Data Center Resources

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