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Get reliable, affordable and clean energy with microgrid solutions by Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI). MCFI provides seamless, end-to-end, microgrid solutions for businesses of all sizes and across industries. With MicroGENIUS, we have created a sustainable microgrid communications shelter that delivers efficient, grid independent energy solutions. Learn more and get a quote today for your custom microgrid solution.

Our Microgrid Solution

MicroGENIUS: A Smart Energy Management System

Mission Critical Facilities International presents MicroGENIUS — a sustainable and future-ready microgrid energy management system. MicroGENIUS runs on solar power when daylight is available and seamlessly switches to hydrogen or battery-stored energy when sunlight is not available. It is an eco-friendly power backup suited for all businesses and industries. While gensets and VRLA batteries have been around for decades, they are inefficient and lead to operational and maintenance challenges. Utilize an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable microgrid electricity to lower costs and reach environmental impact goals.


MCFI provides modular and containerized power solutions for various industries, including: critical commercial centers, education, first responders, health care, hospitality, indoor agriculture, manufacturing, military, mining, oil and gas, public safety, public works, railroads, rural communities and telecom.


Our microgrid solutions are modular, turnkey, and ready to install. From designing the layout to deployment, we tailor our solutions to meet your budget, goals, and schedule. Our MicroGENIUS grids are built off-site to reduce deployment time and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) over time. We can help you lower operational, energy, maintenance, and installation costs and help you achieve your emissions goals with our microgrid solutions.

What's Included in MicroGENIUS

Solar PV (photovoltaic cells) supply the primary energy to the microgrid

Fuel cell for backup power when sunlight isn't available

Scalable lithium-ion storage batteries

AC/DC for network gear and IT

Utility integrated controls

System monitoring

Service and maintenance

From Sustainability to Cost-savings: Microgrids Are the Future

Microgrid energy management systems are increasingly popular, especially among rural industries and power-critical urban centers. They represent a paradigm shift from centralized power distribution plants toward localized, energy-efficient distribution centers. The ability to isolate your community or organization from the larger grid makes microgrids resilient, reliable, and versatile. They supply uninterrupted electricity for your critical operations, even when the primary grid is down or unavailable.

What Are Microgrids?

A microgrid is a self-contained power network that generates its own electricity. Generally, a microgrid contains one or more energy generation sources, such as photovoltaic cells to harness solar power, turbines for wind power, and hydrogen power generators. Microgrids generate their power using one or more of these energy sources, making them independent from the main grid. Besides power generators, modern microgrids also contain batteries for energy storage to supply uninterrupted power when the primary source isn't available. 

A microgrid energy management system contains other monitoring and tracking devices to connect, monitor, and distribute the generated energy. The microgrid can activate power distribution when the primary grid goes down or becomes unreliable due to natural disasters and other factors. Additionally, Microgrids can be operated in two main ways: y connecting it to the utility grid and in disconnected island mode.

The Top Advantages of Microgrids

There are several advantages to using microgrids. They include among other benefits these qualities.


Microgrids offer a secure and dependable energy supply, even when the main grid is down. You can access 24/7 energy supply, even during power outages and other disruptions.


Microgrids can isolate themselves from the main grid during natural disasters and other catastrophic events. This ensures that your critical infrastructure remains operational, even when the main grid is down.


Microgrids rely on locally available renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, helping you reduce the need to purchase energy from the grid. Optimizing energy generation and use can significantly reduce energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint. This helps to make your operations sustainable and energy-efficient.

Energy independant:

By installing microgrids, you can reduce the dependence on external energy sources, helping you enjoy greater energy independence.


By switching to renewable energy sources and independent energy generation, you can significantly cut down your energy bills, as you no longer rely on the primary grid to power your systems and infrastructure.

10 Reasons To Choose MicroGENIUS

How Do We Work?

We partner with you to support you through the entire life cycle of your microgrid solutions. Our experience and expertise in the energy sector and smart grid solutions make us a trusted partner for clients worldwide. We offer the following services:

Project audit and feasibility check:

We perform a complete technical audit of your facility to determine your requirements and identify any limitations or challenges specific to your site.


Based on the audit, we customize a microgrid control system that meets your energy needs. We ensure the system is installed flawlessly and safely without disrupting your daily operations.


We continue to provide expert advice and guidance to ensure the performance and reliability of your microgrid systems.

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