FM-200 System Replacement or Recycling

FM-200 System Replacement or Recycling

FM-200 is a waterless fire suppression system commonly used in data centers and other facilities with valuable electronics. It’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to Halon gas, electrically non-conducive, and safe for occupied spaces. However, no fire suppression system is perfect, and an FM-200 system may have to be replaced or decommissioned. Your facility’s FM200 system may need to be removed when your data center is decommissioned or refilled after it discharges. Fortunately, Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) can handle the replacement, removal, or refilling of your FM-200 gas.

Our team has over 15 years of experience in data center infrastructure, including fire suppression systems. We can remove or refill your FM-200 system as part of a larger turnkey project or as a standalone service. However you choose to collaborate with us, you’ll benefit from our speed, efficiency, and transparency.

FM-200 Replacement

If you decide to replace your FM-200 system will another fire suppression system, MCFI can handle the removal and new installation. We may also be able to resell your FM-200 cylinders and pass the savings on to you. If we’re not able to resell the cylinders, we will transport them to an EPA-compliant recycling facility.

FM-200 Gas Refilling

Your FM-200 system must be refilled every time it discharges. If you don’t refill it, you risk it being ineffective in the event of a fire, which could lead to costly equipment damage and data loss. MCFI can send a team to your facility to refill your FM-200 system so that you’ll know your equipment and facility will be protected. We understand the importance of acting quickly and can refill your FM-200 cylinders at the earliest time that’s convenient for you.

While refilling your FM-200 gas, we can also perform a maintenance check on all the system components, including the piping system and control panel, and schedule repairs as necessary.

FM-200 System Removal and Recycling

If you’re decommissioning a data center, MCFI can manage your FM-200 system removal. We work with a network of professionals who are experienced at handling gas-based fire suppression systems and can prevent your FM200 system from leaking or discharging during the decommissioning process. Depending on the quantity of gas, we may be able to purchase your FM-200 gas.


If decommissioning your data center seems overwhelming to you, MCFI can coordinate the entire project. We specialize in turnkey projects and have decommissioned data centers around the world.

Make MCFI Your Data Center Infrastructure Partner

Mission Critical Facilities International has spent years building a trusted network of contractors and equipment vendors. Whether you need someone who can remove your FM-200 system or a team certified to manage hazardous materials during a data center decommissioning, we’ll bring the right people to your project.

We hope that you’ll choose us for all your data center infrastructure needs, from installation to equipment sourcing. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting professional relationships with our customers, and we think of ourselves as a partner rather than a contractor or vendor.

Find out more about our FM-200 system services—and everything else we can do for your data center—by calling us at (877) 881-2781 or filling out our online contact form.