Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management

Mission Critical Facilities International offers Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management to provide our clients with a unique offering of comprehensive, value-added services for your critical facility equipment, whether it be for a single site or multiple sites. We seek to be your strategic partner, offering you smooth, seamless planning, delivery, and ongoing assessment and refinement of infrastructure services throughout your equipment’s lifecycle. We are critical infrastructure specialists that provide infrastructure portfolio management services for several industries, including healthcare, IT, energy, telecommunications and more.

We take a complete inventory of your facility’s current infrastructure and services and analyze them to provide a process framework and technology infrastructure that allows us to continuously meet your business objectives. Consistent success is gained by establishing best practices and proven infrastructure project management procedures and enforcing their use throughout the organization. With over 15 years of critical infrastructure experience in facilities around the world, we leverage the processes and lessons learned from previous projects to improve your infrastructure portfolio. We believe in being proactive and not reactive, providing consistency in evaluating past projects and guiding the prioritization and execution of future projects.

Benefits of Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management:

Improve Decision Making

Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management generates better decision making throughout your organization. When you have a good baseline on past projects, it’s much easier to predict future factors such as resource utilization and future budgetary costs. We provide customized solutions to make sure we are contributing to corporate objectives as well as meeting your facility requirements.

Minimize Risks

We have the ability to reduce risks on your financial side by proactively determining preliminary costs and providing you with a budget for the upcoming year’s work. We also help you determine the total cost of ownership and the components of your infrastructure services that are negatively affecting your bottom line. With our expert infrastructure management consulting, you receive increased cost-efficiency through the consolidation of services as well as identifying areas that are not contributing to your corporate objectives.

Get Valuable Insight

Maximize your resources by gaining control over your projects based on the degree of visibility that critical managed infrastructure services create. We can reduce your project costs by eliminating the duplication of efforts. Reports show that employee resources are by far the greatest costs incurred when implementing projects, and nothing increases the frustration and cost of a project more than skill shortages, especially during peak demand periods. Through our network of key business partnerships, we can quickly find the right resource for each project, keep skills and profiles up-to-date, and then manage your resource demand, allocation and capability.

Leverage Additional Services

In addition to Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management, we provide project management, equipment sourcing, installation and preventive maintenance. When we identify areas that need improvement within your infrastructure portfolio, we can also provide recommendations for cost-effective alternatives to achieve your most sought after business goals.

Start Improving Your Bottom Line Today

Contact Mission Critical Facilities International to learn more about our Critical Infrastructure Portfolio Management and how we can help you discover valuable insights that help increase your bottom line. You can reach out to us by filling out our contact form, or you can give us a call at 877-881-2781.