A GENIUS Solution for Your Data Center Needs

The Next Generation in Modular Data Centers



GENIUS Modular Data Centers range in many configurations that are flexible to your needs:


8-15kW/rack, up to 250 racks


8-15kW/rack, segmented infrastructure/secure rooms


10 - 15kW/rack, 500kW blocks

Edge HD

+20kW/rack, 500kW blocks, water cooled

Customizable and operational in five months with industry leading sustainability initial costs.


Asset 1


Asset 2

Speed to Market

Asset 3


Asset 4


Asset 5


Asset 6


Flexible. Sustainable. Utilitarian. Eloquent.

Data Center Plan View

  1. Entrance

  2. Mechanical Room A - 200kW AHY (IT) x 6 = > N+1

  3. Services Room A

  4. Electrical Room

  5. Modular UPS 1MW x 2

  6. Electrical SWB

  7. 60kW AHU x2 = > N+1

  8. Battery Room

  9. Hot/Cold Containment

  10. Mechanical Room B - 200kW AHY (IT) x 6 = > N+1

  11. Services Room B

  12. Fire Ext. System

  13. Fiber Entry Point

  14. MMR Room

  15. Mantrap

  16. Data Hall/White Space

  17. 40 Rack Corridor

  18. 20 Rack Corridor


Equipment Yard Plan View

  1. Power Modules A & B - Modular UPS 1MW x 2 - Electrical SWB - Li-ion Battery Cabinets

  2. Grey Space

  3. Diesel Generators x 2

  4. Buffer Tanks x 2

  5. Air/Water Chillers x 3


10 GENIUS Benefits

1. Reduced CapEx

We blended prefabricated power and mechanical modules with kit built pre-engineered
structure and white space; thus, solving expensive prefabricated white space challenges.
Genius allows for scalable capital deployment tied to customer demand.

2. Maximized Delivered White Space

GENIUS is designed to deliver up to 70% leasable (Revenue generating) space.

3. Reduced Construction Time

From pad ready to operational in 5 months. Significantly reducing time to market allowing
for earlier revenue generation. We reduce complexity onsite, turning your construction
project into an assembly project.

4. Global Repeatability

Our reduced cost and drastically improved delivery time is based on 400V (380-415V)
systems – deployable in all 50hZ and 60hZ locations, localization for climatic concerns is
required and compressor selections based on grid frequency.

5. Experience

As leaders in the field, we have designed and delivered data center solutions since 1999.

6. Sustainability

Reduced Carbon Building Materials
• Recycled steel
• Low carbon concrete
• Mineral wool wall panels (recycled steel slag with high thermal resistivity, insulation, & fire rating)
Green Energy Solutions
• Natural Gas Back up generation / Bi-Fuel Backup Generation / Biodiesel Options
• Hydrogen backup for telecom
• Renewable/Solar integration
• High Efficiency Cooling

7. Life Expectancy

The structural warranty is 20-30 years with a live expectancy exceeding 30 years.

8. Flexibility

Able to meet the most stringent of redundancy and resiliency requirements, flexible and
customizable to your requirements.

9. Optimized Maintenance Costs

Equipment selections are based upon serviceability by OEMs with Global Scale and are
tailored to minimize proprietary software needs for routine maintenance.

10. Structural Resiliency Compliance

Our use of steel instead of concrete allows for high wind (180mph+) and seismic
zone 4 compliance

Operational within Five Months

BD#1 – Edge/SuperNode

White Space Area

2200 sq. ft. / 205 square meters

Total # of Racks

Up to 100

3-5 Rows of 20 Racks

IT Power

550kW, 400V, 50/60Hz

Tier III Redundant Design

Rack Density

Up to 18kW/rack and higher

BD#2 – Edge HD

White Space Area

2200 sq. ft. / 205 square meters

Total # of Racks

Up to 100

3-5 Rows of 20 Racks

IT Power

1100kW, 400V, 50/60Hz

Tier III Redundant Design

Rack Density

Up to 18kW/rack and higher

BD#3 – Multi Tenant / Wholesale Solution

White Space Area

440 sq. ft. / 409 sq. meters

Total # of Racks

Up to 200

Up to 10 Rows of 20 Racks

IT Power

2200kW, 400V, 50/60Hz

Tier III Redundant Design

Rack Density

Up to 11kW/rack

BD#4 –Hyperscale

White Space Area

6600 sq. ft. / 613 sq. meters

Total # of Racks

Up to 300

Up to 15 Rows of 20 Racks


3300kW, 400V, 50/60Hz

Tier III Redundant Design

Rack Density

Up to 13kW/rack

MCPU (Mission Critical Power Unit)

Total # of racks supported

Variable - based on selected configuration


600 - 2400 kW (N) (2 - 600kW units in N+1/2N)


Packaged Wall Mount or Horizontal Ceiling Mount


Lithium cabinets per UPS


Maintenance bypass I/O gear and paralleling gear


All equipment provided with Modbus over TCP/IP and SNMP output capability, flexible to tie into any DCIM, BMS, DCMS.


FLEXIBLE OPTION BASED ON LOCATION: DX CRAC(s), DX Glycol Free Cool CRAC(s) CW CRAH(2) w/ Free Cooling Air-Cooled Chillers, CW Fan Walls w/ Free Cooling, CW Rear Door Heat Exchangers, On-Chip Cooling

The Next Evolution in Modular Data Centers


Today’s modular data centers offer greater scalability and flexibility than container data centers, and they’re faster to deploy, but there is plenty of room for modularization to advance beyond where it was in the mid-2000s. Goals for the next generation of modular data centers include even higher degrees of flexibility and performance, more efficient use of capital, global repeatability, and improved sustainability, along with increased IT capacity. Forward-thinking data center infrastructure specialists are actively working on new products that will meet high expectations for improved modular processes. Learn more about the next generation of modular data centers.