Data Center and Power Equipment Financing

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To help you acquire the power solution equipment you need for your daily operations, Mission Critical Facilities International offers flexible, cost-effective financing of equipment for data centers and mission critical facilities at great prices. Leasing equipment for your facility is an affordable and smart way to provide power to your business to keep you up and running in a cost-efficient way.

Equipment leasing is popular across many verticals, such as accounting firms, automotive dealers, construction companies, metal manufacturing, oil and gas, and more. Four out of every five businesses adopt the strategy of leasing equipment and even Fortune 500 companies lease equipment. The argument for leasing equipment is compelling, with many after-tax advantages. Leases are structured by Mission Critical Facilities International’s financing associates for optimal operational impact. Leases are available for two or more years, and installation can be included in the price. Terms can also be made flexible so if businesses encounter expansion during the course of the lease, trade-ups can be accommodated.

The Benefits of Leasing Power and Data Center Equipment:

If you need more reasons to lease data center equipment through Mission Critical Facilities International, consider the following benefits:

  • Unlike loans, leases do not require a down payment. Only a security deposit and then you pay monthly with no balloon payments.
  • With a lease, equipment is generally sufficient to secure the financing you want – with a loan, collateral is required. We are able to offer capital leases with the entire project cost financed into the lease, all installation and soft costs included.
  • With a lease, the entire payment can be claimed as a tax deduction, taken during the same year to simplify your budget.
  • By financing you can keep working capital to invest in other expansion projects and pay other expenses rather than putting it all down at once for your equipment.
  • Our financing is scalable. We do equipment trade-ups so that if your organization expands you can upgrade equipment to meet your business needs.
  • Choose from a large variety of quality equipment – we offer one of the most varied inventories among mission critical and data center equipment providers that provide leasing options.
  • We are vendor-agnostic so you can lease a combination of different brands of equipment.
  • We can lease new and refurbished equipment and include both in leased projects.

There are many other advantages to leasing equipment such as improving cash flow and liquidity of your business. Better yet, when you lease through Mission Critical Facilities International, you don’t have to worry about the potential downsides of equipment leasing – hidden costs, tax indemnification clauses, or equipment restoration.

Over $230 billion dollars’ worth of equipment is leased each year, constituting over one third of all equipment in America. Leasing your equipment may be the smartest choice for your business. Mission Critical Facilities International offers financing options for a variety of equipment, including generators, UPS systems, and more.

Finance Your Data Center and Power Equipment Today

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