UPS / Battery Maintenance Services

Your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system protects your facility in the critical moments before your generator or standby power source kicks in and during voltage spikes or voltage reductions. Depending on the size and type of your operation or data center, one-hour power outages can cost anywhere from a couple hundred thousand dollars to millions. Data centers, call centers, banks, and hospitals all require reliable UPS systems to ensure that data and equipment are protected at all times. For a UPS system to be reliable and long-lasting, it requires proper preventive maintenance. Choosing a UPS maintenance plan should be as equally important as selecting the right UPS system. With proper servicing, a well-made UPS system can operate reliably for up to 20 years.

Even the top of the line UPS products need proper maintenance, and for the security of your business it’s important to find highly qualified and professional technicians who can meet your facility’s needs. At Mission Critical Facilities International, we specialize in providing high quality maintenance services with excellent customer service, and we can help you determine the right preventive maintenance schedule for your particular system.

UPS Battery Maintenance and Repair

As part of the plan for servicing your UPS(s), we perform multiple mechanical and visual checks including looking for hot spots, performing capacity tests, calibrating, battery cleaning and inspecting for damage or burns. We also test transfer switches, circuit breakers and maintenance bypasses. Batteries in particular are checked at each service. 20% of UPS failures can be attributed to batteries. We repair and replace UPS batteries and equipment as needed.

Different types of maintenance procedures should be performed at different times throughout the year, as some items only need to be checked on an annual basis while others should be checked quarterly. The proper maintenance will depend on the type of system. Sealed batteries require little maintenance while flooded-cell batteries can require monthly maintenance. While these do require more maintenance, they have a longer life expectancy. We keep track of your batteries performance so your team doesn’t have to.

When you contract maintenance services with Mission Critical Facilities International, maintenance tracking, electronics and battery parts, labor and management services and battery recycling are all included.

The Benefits of Having a UPS Service Plan with Mission Critical Facilities International

It is more cost-effective to hire Mission Critical Facilities International for routine checks rather than hiring your own personnel and buying the necessary tools, supplies and personal protective safety equipment necessary to perform routine maintenance on your UPS system. It is also more cost-effective to receive maintenance from Mission Critical Facilities International than it is from the UPS manufacturer.

We proactively schedule all servicing of your UPS and batteries as needed. Your team will never have to initiate contact or track maintenance for us. We provide 24-hour customer service with designated personnel in charge of the reliability of your UPS system. We also follow IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standards to ensure optimum performance. Whether you have a small IDF or you are running a large enterprise data center, we can tailor the right service plan to meet your budget and your system’s requirements.

Receive Proper Equipment Servicing with Mission Critical Facilities International

For UPS and battery preventive maintenance, look to Mission Critical Facilities International. Our experienced and reliable team offers the highest level of service for your power equipment, saving your business from unnecessary risks and helping you sleep better at night. Contact Mission Critical Facilities International today for more information on a UPS maintenance plan fit for your facility through our online contact form or by calling us at 877-881-2781.