About Mission Critical Facilities International

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The Mission Critical Facility

MCFI Building

The decision to build a new facility for our rapidly expanding team was an easy one. A purpose-built, awe-inspiring, professional facility is a natural step forward in the journey to exceptional customer service and employee happiness.

Mission Critical Facilities International’s new facility joins the forces of our formerly distant multiple facilities in one place to nurture the team dynamic and ensure that every point of contact is working hand-in-hand with strategists, laborers, and customer representatives.

Purpose-Built for Global Improvement

We built our business from a complete obsession with information technology. Our hard-working teams adapted their facilities to accomplish their goals and drive Mission Critical’s success by finding clever ways to recycle and reuse what resources were available.

No longer is that the case – we have now built a facility tailored painstakingly to the needs of our business, and the results are phenomenal.

Vastly Improved Productivity

You get the best productivity from employees who love their work. By designing our facility to provide modern comforts and enable our employees to optimize their workflows, we have found a unique equilibrium that allows every team member to put their best foot forward with confidence every day.

Presence in the Community

Building a community in a remote area is no simple feat, but Mission Critical was welcomed warmly by the local community when we smartly built our facility to improve local beautification efforts. Our new facility has brought jobs and opportunities for many individuals in the community, and we are able to provide an economic boost to residents and businesses nearby.

New Possibilities

MCFI has developed and constructed a purpose-built facility in Austin, Texas. We have climate-controlled warehousing that allows us to store, test, and repair the most sensitive power equipment.

Our facility was constructed with a multi-voltage, multi-unit, multi-load bank test testing bay. Our central geographic location in the U.S. allows us to land shipments anywhere in the country in two to three days. We are also in close proximity to the port of Houston for quick export access around the globe.

Practicing What We Preach

There is no better guarantee for our customers than using our own products and services daily. We’re fully backed up using the same systems we sell and install with carrier-grade filter cable because we genuinely believe in the power, consistency, and reliability of what we do.

Take a Look for Yourself

The size and scope of our facility is challenging to translate through photos, but we encourage you to take a look at the facility that brings you the most comprehensive data center power and cooling infrastructure systems available.