Modular Data Center Solutions

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) is proud to offer a range of fully integrated modular data centers in various configurations.

Reliability, availability, speed of deployment, efficiency, and scalability have become a must for modern businesses. Build and enhance your business with innovative modular data centers that help you and your clients deploy quickly - without costing a fortune.

Our modular data centers allow your company to meet your current IT needs at a significantly lower cost and in 41% less time than building a full standard data center. We can provide a complete turnkey solution, including designing and constructing our innovative GENIUS Modular Data Centers, containerized data centers, NON-ISO modular data centers, data center modular rooms, and micro data centers. If you’re unsure which data center is best for your IT needs, we would be happy to discuss your current IT requirements and timeline to work together on a solution that fits your specifications and budget.

Leverage Our Modular Data Centers

Scale & Grow With Our Customized Modular Data Center Solutions & Make Your Business Future-Ready


Data is the new coveted resource and it fuels every business transaction. Irrespective of whether you're an independent business owner or a large multinational corporation, you've got to harness and step up your data storage and analysis game to stand out from your competitors. The IDC predicts worldwide data production will rise to 175 zettabytes by 2025.


With the global data explosion, companies are rushing to build newer, larger, and more efficient data centers. There's a huge demand for data centers that are energy-efficient, reliable, and scalable while still being cost-efficient.


Enter Modular Data Centers - the latest and most advanced technology for enterprise data center applications, offering a flexible and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.


The Dawn of the Era of Modular Data Centers

Installing new conventional data centers is not the answer. To truly make your business operations future-ready and future-proof, you must focus on optimizing your IT infrastructure. MCFI offers sustainable and innovative modular edge data center solutions. Our custom modular data centers provide the reliability and functionality for all your IT mission-critical applications. Reliable, rugged, energy-efficient, easy to deploy, scalable, and cost-efficient - our GENIUS Modular Data Centers are the answer to help you future-proof your business.  Learn more about GENIUS and all of our modular data center solutions.

Our Modular Data Center Solutions

GENIUS Modular Data Centers by MCFI

Meet GENIUS Modular Data Centers - A GENIUS Solution for Your Data Center Needs. GENIUS is the next generation of modular data centers from MCFI. With years of experience and expertise in designing and delivering modular data center solutions for global businesses, we have created the next-generation modular data centers – GENIUS Modular Data Centers. The Genius Modular Data Center takes the assembly out of your data center build. It is a pre-designed, pre-engineered data center solution that allows our clients to go straight into procurement and permitting; thus reducing cost and construction time. Innovative, high-performance, robust, resilient, scalable & flexible - our next-gen GENIUS modular data centers help you race ahead of your competitors and scale your business to the next level with innovative and cost-efficient data center solutions.

Containerized Data Centers

Reliable, Energy Efficient & Easy to Scale

True to the name, containerized data centers are ISO shipping containers modified to accommodate IT equipment. You can customize the container to accommodate servers, data storage devices, networking equipment, and other essential equipment like generators, power supplies, and cooling equipment. It's a performance-optimized data center (POD) that integrates all the IT equipment and power and cooling infrastructure within a single container that can be placed anywhere - on roofs, parking lots, or warehouses.

NON ISO Modular Data Centers

Flexible, Customizable & Speedy Deployment

Besides our ISO container data centers, we also offer custom-designed NON-ISO modular data centers to help you quickly scale up your data center capacity. Our NON-ISO data centers are purpose-engineered and can accommodate multiple power and cooling options, mechanical support systems, and other critical data center infrastructure in a simple module.   Multiple modules can be placed together to provide an IT white space similar to a stick-built data center but delivered faster.  Ideal for green field deployments, NON-ISO modular data centers can also be integrated with existing data center facilities. Constructed off-site, we can deliver these data centers in a single module or multiple configurations to align with your infrastructure needs.

Data Center Modular Rooms

Customized and Designed to Suit Your Specific Requirements

MCFI also offers energy-efficient modular room data centers that can be quickly integrated within your existing data center, warehouse, or outdoor space. Watertight and fire-proof, and with centralized hot and cool air corridors, our modular room data centers make it easy to store and protect your valuable IT infrastructure from extreme weather conditions, theft, or vandalism. Quick to deploy and cost-friendly, our data center modular rooms offer you all the benefits of a conventional data center with lower operating costs.

Micro Data Centers

Flexible, Simple & Cost-efficient

Our micro data centers are the best solution when you need a small form factor and want all the benefits of a conventional data center but don't have the space to house large, bulky IT infrastructure. Micro data centers house all your sensitive IT equipment, UPS, power distribution units, and cooling units in one customized module. At MCFI, we offer multiple micro data center solutions.

Prefab Modular Data Centers

Scalable, Flexible & Energy-efficient Data Centers in a Prefabricated Modular Format

Prefabricated modular data centers are engineered to meet your business requirements and fit perfectly within your existing infrastructure. We offer a wide range of prefab solutions to clients across industries. Enjoy unmatched flexibility, minimized cost, speedy deployment, and scalability with our prefab data centers.

Portable Modular Data Centers

Ready for deployment anywhere in the world

MCFI's portable data centers can be deployed anywhere on the planet and meet the most stringent requirements. We offer standard 20' or 40' portable data centers and other customizable models for various requirements. These solutions are ideal for environments that face hostile threats. Designed to withstand hostile attacks and extreme weather conditions, these data centers are deployed in various applications like:

  • Military
  • Sporting events
  • Movie production operations 
  • Disaster recovery operations 

Quick and easily movable, portable data centers offer multi-location support and fast redeployment capabilities.

What Makes MCFI One of the Leading Modular Data Center Companies?

Years of experience:

We have delivered hundreds of modular data centers and edge data centers to businesses across multiple industries, including healthcare, automotive, education, oil and gas, and more across the globe.

Customized products and solutions:

We tailor our modular data centers to meet your business requirements. Whether you're looking for additional data centers to integrate with your existing data centers or planning to switch to flexible, scalable, and energy-efficient modular data center solutions for your edge data center deployments, we can help with all your data center needs.

Industry-leading, cutting-edge solutions:

MCFI has built a stellar reputation for our superior products and unmatched customer experience. From design to site installation, we help you every step of the way, offering trusted and genuine turnkey solutions certified by the leading global authorities.

Partners you can trust:

We aren't yet another data center solutions supplier. Instead, we work closely with your IT teams to learn about your business needs and offer customized and unique solutions that align with your business requirements. We accommodate your budgetary and site constraints and go the extra mile to complete all your special requests.

Modular Data Center Resources

Learn more about modular data centers and the considerations you should make while selecting a modular data center solutions provider and manufacturer.

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