Data Center Modular Rooms

Construction and expansion of traditional data centers is a deeply complex and overtly costly process. Businesses have to front tremendous capital for data management centers that don’t address the relevant security requirements that IT systems need in our increasingly digital world.

That’s where Mission Critical Facilities International steps in. We have delivered more than 500 data center modular rooms successfully to date, and are fully capable and ready to help you deploy a high-quality, secure modular solution that will reduce installation and operational costs.

Add it to your existing data center, a warehouse, or even outdoors. A data center modular room provides ease of use and superior protection with all of the familiar features of a traditionally constructed data center.

What is a Data Center Modular Room?

A data center modular room is an IT infrastructure built in-factory before shipment to improve cost-effectiveness and ease of deployment. Each room boasts these incredible benefits:

Modular Construction: Modular rooms scale with your business in size and scope because they are prefabricated. Additional data center capacity can be deployed exceptionally quickly without interfering with the inner workings of your business. An approach that lets you build only as you need to minimizes your upfront capital expenditure and future maintenance costs.

Protection Inside and Out: There is a 4% chance that your data center will be compromised by a fire and a 2% chance of damage from water infiltration. Businesses who ignore EN1047-2 standards when considering their data storage needs risk severe, irreversible destruction of vital business information from elemental damage. Mission Critical Facilities International modular rooms provide certified protection against external hazards such as electromagnetic interference, water, humidity, fire, dust, or smoke.

Energy Saving Structure: Our data centers feature dense insulation that helps electronic and mechanical parts run at optimum efficiency without overheating. Electronics that run cool perform at their maximum capacity constantly and require less maintenance. They also require less energy, reducing operational costs by as much as 25%.

Excellent Return on Investment: Each of our data center solutions saves you money on the cost of downtime in case of fire or flooding, the cost of rebuilding a new data center in case of relocation, and the cost of preparing an overly large data management system with capacity that you don’t currently need.

Why Do I Need a Modular Room Data Center?

You’ll need a modular room data center if you have new or expanding data management needs and want to scale your capacity with your budget. You’ll get the added peace of mind that comes with top-tier IT security and features such as:

  • Certified humidity and temperature control by SGS in accordance with the fire curve EN-1047-2 standard
  • Water infiltration and dust interference protection certified IP65/NEMA 4 according to EN60529 and up to IP67 optional
  • Burglary and water protection according to EN1627
  • Thermal insulation efficiency, acoustic Attenuation
  • Electromagnetic interference protection (for high and low frequency) and up to TEMPEST or EMP conditions optional
  • Fire and mechanical resistance protected walls
  • Earthquake resistant technology optional

There is no level of protection for your integral information that matches what this modular solution offers.

Why Should I Get My Data Center Modular Room from Mission Critical Facilities International?

Get your data center from Mission Critical Facilities International because our passion for information security runs deep within our company history. We’ve seen the thousands of ways that information is compromised and have painstakingly developed ways to prevent them. What comes out of our factory is a modular room that we’re proud to brandish with our name.

We also guide you through the entire process starting from installation and onto deployment - and beyond. Our trained and experienced staff of IT professionals can provide informed and proficient support where others can’t.

Order Your Modular Room Data Center from Mission Critical Facilities International Today!

Keep your data center needs at just the right size and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with unbeatable security. Rain or shine, day or night, your information is protected when it’s housed in a Mission Critical Facilities International modular room data center - contact us today! Request your quote by filling out our online contact form or by calling us at (877) 881-2781 to speak with our data center professionals and find a solution that works best for your organization.