Micro Data Centers

Mission Critical Facilities International offers data centers for industries and businesses that need to secure servers and storage devices critical to completing organizational objectives. Our modular micro data center options: the Smart Bunker and Smart Data Safe, are the perfect solution to all-digital and cloud-based needs, all-physical manual needs, and even mixed workloads in a multitude of environments.

Types of Micro Data Centers

Mission Critical Facilities International provides two micro data center types with two specific purposes.

Smart Bunker:

Our Smart Bunker is a top-level security safe for servers and standard IT equipment. It provides the same functionality and security you’ve come to expect from a standard data center and is available in both a 23U and 46U industry standard rack configuration.

The Smart Bunker helps to keep your critical data in an extraordinarily secure environment. It increases data and hardware protection against intruders and the elements while ensuring 24/7 availability. Maximum thermal efficiency and total insulation shields your most vital information from fire, flood, humidity, vandalism, and the effects of an electromagnetic field.

Smart Data Safe:

Smart Data Safe is the epitome of space efficiency and security among plug & play data centers. It provides data recovery at unparalleled speeds. Engineered to provide dedicated defense for your storage applications, Smart Data Safe takes advantage of an internal Network Attached Storage (NAS) system for reliable data backup.

The standard version includes an integrated remote monitoring structure that gives you full control over environmental parameters such as power, vibration, temperature, and humidity, and can even protect against flooding.

Why Do I Need a Micro Data Center?

If endless space doesn’t fit into your current budget or you’re simply looking for a more compact, simpler way to manage your cloud storage and safety, compact data centers provide everything you need in a data management system without the bulk.

Data center features:

  • On-board cooling systems
  • Communications systems
  • Cloud accessible data storage
  • Information security software
  • Weather and disaster protection
  • An uninterruptible power supply

Smaller solutions are perfect for:

  • In-office data management
  • Out-of-office remote data management
  • Growing businesses
  • Enterprises that value space
  • Businesses looking to expand mobility

The micro data center is sure to be the anchor of always-on mobile data enterprises as the technology sphere develops a greater need for localized data centers that support low latency, high bandwidth connections. Stay one step ahead of your competition by securing your data with a compact data center.

Why Should I Get My Data Center From Mission Critical Facilities International?

Mission Critical Facilities International doesn’t just make small data centers - we understand them. We know how to integrate the features that your venture needs to succeed, and we’ve researched how to make sure that you’re back on your feet as fast as possible after a major disaster.

We also see you through the entire process from installation to deployment and beyond. Our staff of IT professionals has the training and experience necessary to provide support where others can’t.

Order Your Micro Data Center from Mission Critical Facilities International Today!

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