Modular Data Center Solution Considerations

Selecting a modular data center provider, vendor or manufacturer can be challenging. In this informational guide, we present considerations that you should make when selecting a partner for your next modular data center project.

Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) are just a few technologies driving this era of digital transformation. Keeping up with rapid technological changes is essential to thriving in today's fast-paced business environments. Businesses are replacing traditional brick-and-mortar data centers with faster, more agile, flexible, and innovative modular data storage solutions. Leveraging modular data center manufacturers’ expertise can help companies capitalize on these benefits for their business.

How To Choose a Modular Data Center Company

Modular data centers are available in different designs, sizes and configurations. Choosing the right modular data center provider will help ensure you find the solution that meets your design specifications, fits your budget and accommodates your schedule. Here are a few key considerations to look for when evaluating modular data center vendors:


For a critical resource like your next modular data center, you need to hire a vendor with the experience and expertise to provide the best solution that meets your business requirements. Evaluate the expertise of their engineering team and check if they have previously handled projects in your industry. Here are a few questions to consider asking your potential partners: how many years do you have experience in manufacturing and deploying modular data centers, what type of modular data center projects have you completed, how do you ensure on-time delivery, do you offer post-construction support.

Customization and Adaptability

While modular data centers are often delivered prebuilt and prefabricated, they are not cookie-cutter designs. They are highly customized to suit your specific business requirements. Interact with your shortlisted modular data center companies to evaluate their design expertise and adaptability. Ideally, your chosen modular data center provider must be able to understand your unique needs and address your various concerns to provide you with a customized solution that fits your requirements perfectly.

Turnkey Capabilities

Look for companies that offer you comprehensive data storage solutions. An all-in-one edge solution like MCFI's modular data centers contains all the essential components, like critical power (primary and backup), fire monitoring, cooling, security, and distribution features.


The primary reason for installing an edge data center is to get timely and uninterrupted access to critical data. Ensure that the edge data center provider you choose delivers exceptional performance with monitoring to alert you in case of any emergencies or data center failures.

Quality Assurance

Check how the modular data center providers you are consulting with maintain the highest quality standards throughout the design and manufacturing process. Ask about their quality assurance procedures and check if their certifications are current. Evaluate whether they have upgraded their systems and solutions according to the latest industry best practices and technologies.

Benefits of Partnering With MCFI for Modular Data Centers

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) is an internationally recognized modular data center manufacturer and solutions provider. With years of experience delivering modular data centers for businesses and organizations across industries, we provide you with high-quality, customized data center solutions tailored to your business requirements. Here are a few reasons to choose us as your modular data center provider:

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

We help you get the maximum value out of your modular data center. Our pre-engineered GENIUS modular data centers are easy to install and quick to deploy, helping you optimize available space and begin data center operations as quickly as possible.

Lowered Construction Time

GENIUS modular data centers can be operational in five months, depending on permits and other licenses. This short time to market allows you to commence revenue generation quickly.


Designed to international standards, GENIUS modular data centers are suitable for deployment worldwide, irrespective of local conditions.

Durability and Sustainability

Made with recycled steel and low-carbon concrete, GENIUS is highly durable. We also offer green energy solutions like hydrogen and biofuel backup to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Safety and Security

Recycled steel and mineral wool wall panels offer high thermal resistivity, fire resistance, and insulation, keeping your data safe and secure in all conditions.

Deploy Next-Gen Modular Data Center Solutions With MCFI


GENIUS Modular Data Centers range in many configurations that are flexible to your needs:


8-15kW/rack, up to 250 racks


8-15kW/rack, segmented infrastructure/secure rooms


10 - 15kW/rack, 500kW blocks

Edge HD

+20kW/rack, 500kW blocks, water cooled

Customizable and operational in five months with industry leading sustainability initial costs.

Contact MCFI To Design, Develop & Build Your Next Modular Data Center

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