Mitsubishi 2033D UPS

The Mitsubishi 2033D UPS contains all the best in Mitsubishi's leading power protection technology.

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Mitsubishi 2033D UPS is a leader in power protection technology. Mitsubishi has been designing and manufacturing some of the most dependable UPS units in the business for decades, and the Mitsubishi 2033D takes advantage of some of their most cutting edge recent technology. A major feature of the unit is its Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs), which provide for a higher performing UPS, with high speed switching and low control power.

The Mitsubishi 2033D UPS uses innovative Intelligent Power Module transistors that provide a number of benefits. They extend battery life by streamlining requirements for step loads. They also allow for high-speed switching which brings the heat down in the unit, thereby lowering costs and increasing efficiency. The Mitsubishi 2033D Series of UPS systems also feature low input current harmonics.

The Mitsubishi 2033D UPS also offers the sophisticated software package, DiamondLink, for monitoring the status of the UPS, and providing shutdown gracefully when necessary. The DiamondLink is highly configurable, provides auto e-mails to the Administrator when an event occurs, and permits remote monitoring of the unit.



Input voltage is 480

Output voltage is 208/120 or 480/277

The Mitsubishi 2033D UPS can be used in parallel redundant applications.

You can find Mitsubishi 2033D UPS units providing exceptional power protection all across the world. Contact Mission Critical Facilities International today to buy or sell new or used Mitsubishi 2033D UPS units. MCFI offers fair prices and industry leading customer service.