Eaton 9330 UPS

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(The Eaton 9330 UPS has been discontinued but may be available new or used from Mission Critical Facilities International)

The Eaton 9330 UPS is a high performance three phase double-conversion online uninterruptible power supply unit. The Eaton 9330 UPS is trusted across the world to provide reliable power protection in mission-critical applications. The technology used to power and monitor the Eaton 9330 UPS can be relied upon to protect your data needs in telecom, server farm, data center, medical applications, and more.

The Eaton 9330 UPS provides up to 93% efficiency, an industry leading number for its class of UPS systems. The Eaton Powerware 9330 UPS outperforms other UPS units of its class by using innovative Eaton technologies. Its highly efficient design, incorporation of Expert Plus Built-In Battery Monitoring, utilization of Powerware Hot Sync wireless paralleling, and excellent monitoring systems result in a low total cost of ownership and high lifetime value. Powerware technology is used by companies like E*Trade, Citibank, and other major businesses for whom data protection is invaluable.

Battery Monitoring

The Eaton 9330 UPS’ battery monitoring features are top of the line and ensure that your UPS is always providing extensive data on your battery availability. Specific features include the Powerware Battery Lifetime Monitor, a Battery Runtime Remaining Monitor, a Battery Circuit Test function, and Temperature Compensated Charging to extend battery life.

Powerware Hot Sync

If you need multiple UPS modules for your application, Powerware Hot Sync makes it easy to make them work in parallel. Hot Sync enables UPS systems to function entirely independently yet completely in sync, so that there is no single point of failure at the system level but there is still complete coordination.


Power Rating is 10/15/20/25/30/35/40 kVA

Voltage is 208/208, 480/208, 480/480, 600/208 Vac

Frequency is 50/60 Hz

Tower configuration

Powerware Series

The Eaton 9330 UPS is available from Mission Critical Facilities International. Contact us today for fair prices and great service on quality products.