Eaton 9170+ UPS

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Eaton 9170+ UPS units, formerly of the Powerware family, provide reliable backup power to keep your data center or informational infrastructure up and running. The Eaton 9170+ is highly adaptable and a great cornerstone for your IT needs.

The Eaton 9170+ UPS can be found all across the world, as it was designed to be deployed globally. It is a high frequency unit that contains power and logic alike in a single cabinet, making it easier to install and maintain in remote locations. It is scalable and modular to fit your business needs as your IT infrastructure grows and divides.

Other important features of the 9170+ UPS model include its Power Saver mode, which can increase efficiency from a baseline of 88% to 97%. The unit does this without compromising reliability, thanks to its use of double-conversion technology and ABM battery management.

The Eaton 9170+ UPS is also extremely configurable. You can plug and play 3 kVA UPS and battery modules, and configure three, six, nine, or twelve slot enclosures. It can be housed as part of a rackmount or a tower application.

The Eaton 9170+ UPS provides a level of power protection that meets the needs of present day society, where downtime is not an option. Power modules plugged into the system create extra redundancy without extra cost and space, and a single point-of-failure is eliminated.

The Eaton 9170+ UPS also includes sophisticated Eaton power management software to help you monitor the unit, maintain the highest level of performance, and look out for problems before they arise.

To buy or sell a new or used Eaton 9170+ UPS, contact Mission Critical Facilities International. We offer units with great customer service at fair prices, and can help you install the unit anywhere you need to around the world.