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Eaton Powerware UPS systems focus on a single tenet that many power and electrical accessory companies don't – confidence. Eaton wants its customers to have confidence that problems with power will not disrupt the flow of data, confidence that adverse conditions will not compromise important systems, and confidence that operations will remain unhindered when faced with power supply issues. The teams that create Eaton Powerware UPS systems do so by learning the detailed needs of customers and answering to issues large and small.

Designers and engineers have been researching and developing customer-focused power solutions for over 40 years. In that time, Eaton Powerware UPS and similar products have received critical praise and a slew of awards for business ethics, employee happiness, innovative products, and team diversity. Eaton products are top-ranked for various power product categories and have worked with small and large companies to create comprehensive solutions to power supply problems.

What Can a UPS System Do for My Data Center?

Electrical power is a beast that even the most advanced technology cannot fully control, so power-heavy data center workloads need to rely on the efficacy of an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, to keep computers running after a primary power source goes down.

UPS systems, such as the Eaton Powerware UPS, integrate specialized systems into always-on power supplies and surge protection devices that automatically switch to reserve power when primary power fails. The system is designed to prevent your data center from failing for even a moment, which keeps the integrity of your data maximized and allows your data center to operate under difficult conditions.

Why Choose Eaton Powerware UPS Systems?

Besides winning multiple awards for excellence in business and product design, their UPS systems have been used throughout some of the nation's most important and technologically advanced industries, including aviation, healthcare, oil and gas mining, metalwork, machine building, rail, government, and military. Powerware UPS system feature:

  • Intelligent Power Management – Software that puts you in control of the flow of the power supply enables automatic shutdowns and load shedding through a simple interface. It can be integrated with server applications such as Red Hat, Microsoft SCVMM, and Citrix XenServer.
  • Cost-effectiveness – With efficiency levels upwards of 10% better than other in-class UPS systems and eligibility for utility rebate and incentive programs, our savings are more than just rescue and repair costs in the event of power outage.
  • Easy Deployment – Don't wrestle with UPS setups that put your operations behind schedule. Service and maintenance can all be done through front-facing access, numerous configurability options, easy installation, and the latest in thermal management solutions.
  • Multiple Power Options – Each UPS is able to be customized with varying power modules of incremental power capacities to fit the unique needs of your data center wherever it may be and whatever industry it may serve.

Your UPS is your last-resort powerhouse for when rough environmental conditions and power surges put your data stream in danger. When backup systems are exhausted, you'll want to lean on uninterruptible power with a proven record of reliability, and making systems you can trust is what Eaton does best.

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