Eaton 93E UPS

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Previously known as the Eaton 9E, the Eaton 93E offers power reliability in a compact package at great efficiency.

The Eaton 93E UPS streamlines the power protection process, giving you a smaller footprint than competing UPS units (up to 35% smaller). With its single cabinet solution, the Eaton 93E UPS is easy to install and setup. As for the internal batteries, the 93E UPS can run for as long as 21 minutes, which can be extended to 138 with the addition of an Extended Battery Cabinet (EBC).

Compared to other units of its class, the Eaton 93E UPS is up to 7% more efficient, and offers a lower total cost of ownership, not only in terms of efficiency, extensive battery life, and footprint, but because it is commonly eligible for local utility rebate and incentive programs. The Eaton 93E also requires fewer accessories and add-ons than competing units, making its entire operation simple, clean, and effective.

In addition to its innovative design, the Eaton 93E is easy to monitor and service. Mean time to repair an Eaton 93E UPS is less than 30 minutes. The Eaton Intelligent Power Software Suite (IPSS) which can be used with the Eaton 93E, allows it to integrate with a number of platforms, including Red Hat, Microsoft SCVMM, and Citrix XenServer, among others. It can initiate automatic shutdown of computers and servers during extensive power outages, and can further extend battery runtime through its advanced load shedding capabilities.


Power Rating is 20-60 kVA

Voltage is 208/208 Vac three phase

Frequency is 50/60 Hz

Tower configuration

The Eaton 93E is perfect for networks, servers, mission critical applications, banking infrastructure, and small to medium sized data centers.