Eaton 9390IT UPS

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At 99% efficiency, the Eaton 9390IT UPS is a workhorse with flexible distribution options and an industry leading design.

The Eaton 9390IT UPS is a double conversion UPS that is easy to install and easy to adjust. There is no need for electricians when adding or moving additional equipment for your data center. It offers a lower total cost of ownership than comparable units on a number of fronts. Its Energy Saver System allows the UPS to switch to double-conversion mode when a power problem is detected within 2 miliseconds. A quicker transition time means less energy wasted, and more money saved for the data center using the Eaton 9390IT UPS. At the 40kVA configuration, the Eaton 9390IT UPS is as much as 80 percent smaller in its footprint than competing UPS units, allowing your business to make better decisions on how to use your data center space.

The Eaton 9390IT UPS also offers realtime monitoring of the unit’s status with eNotify Remote Monitoring. Service technicians and your business’ point of contact will all be alerted simultaneously if anything goes wrong. This proactive monitoring system allows the 9390IT UPS to operate with minimal downtime.


Power Rating is 40 – 160 kVA

Voltage is 208, 400V

Frequency is 55-65 Hz

To purchase an Eaton 9390IT UPS unit, contact Mission Critical Facilities International today. You can also sell new or used Eaton 9390IT uninterruptible power supply units to Mission Critical Facilities International. Our experts provide fair prices, expert customer service, and all the information you need to meet your specific IT needs.