APC by Schneider Electric

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APC by Schneider Electric is a leader in uninterruptible power supplies and data center equipment. Formerly the American Power Conversion Corporation, APC by Schneider Electric came into being in 2007 and emerged as a product brand in 2011.

APC by Schneider Electric produces a variety of lines of UPSs and power equipment, aimed at data centers, small businesses, and home use.

APC Symmetra

The APC Symmetra line is made for server and network applications, particularly within data centers. It has a variety of power configurations and advanced features that provide great effectiveness for businesses, such as hot-swappability and a high level of integration.


The Smart-UPS is a line of APC products aimed at individual consumers rather than large companies, and perfect for home or office use. These UPS units are great backup supplies and operate as line-interactive UPS systems. These units work with APC's PowerChute software fit with a variety of operating systems.

The hallmark of APC is its PowerChute software, as well as its InfraStruXure design architecture. PowerChute is advanced UPS software that can shut down servers and computers during power outages without user initiation or engagement. The InfraStruXure architecture brings together several components of a data center, engineered to work together seamlessly with its power, cooling, racks, and cable management. These features increase efficiencies in data centers and lower the total footprint the equipment occupies.

For high-performing, quality UPS solutions that work in data centers or in your home, look to APC by Schneider Electric, provided by Mission Critical Facilities International. Mission Critical Facilities International buys and sells new and used APC by Schneider Electric UPS products and is happy to help you find the right APC by Schneider Electric solution for your business or home.