APC MGE Galaxy 5000 UPS

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If you need a UPS for your critical applications that can provide a reliable foundation for your power network, choose the APC MGE Galaxy 5000. This three-phase UPS provides power protection that is “state of the art” enough to support anything from medium sized data centers to industrial and/or facilities applications. The power ranges are upgradeable and the UPS is parallel capable. For a workhorse UPS that provides a low total cost of ownership and easy maintenance, choose the APC MGE Galaxy 5000.

One of the best advantages of the APC MGE Galaxy 5000 over the competition, is how easy it is to integrate into a variety of data center designs. It is a very generator friendly unit that has a small footprint. It’s easy to install, to service and to maintain, with a user friendly graphical display that lets you know the status of the unit. It plays well with networking and monitoring systems, and its backup times can be anywhere from five minutes to eight hours. It can also be upgraded, and additional UPS units can be added while in the field.

The MGE Galaxy 5000 is notable not just for its flexibility, but also its superior power protection. It utilizes insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology to improve power quality and help ensure critical power protection. It accommodates dual inputs and has redundant components for continuous operation. A static and maintenance bypass is built-in to transfer the load to utility power in case of a heavy overload without interruption. An input isolation transformer can be fully integrated into the APC MGE Galaxy 5000, as well.

If you’re going to entrust a UPS with your mission critical applications, you’ll want to be able to monitor the unit and ensure you are in safe hands. The MGE Galaxy 5000 offers intelligent energy management via Electric EcoStruxure hardware and software. Maximize reliability and efficiency for total lower cost of ownership by utilizing StruxureWare in order to collect information and make decisions about operation status, assets, and resource use.

To buy or sell new or used MGE Galaxy 5000 UPSs, contact Mission Critical Facilities International today. We are leaders in infrastructure design, installation, and supply, and provide vital industry equipment at fair prices, and with great support and service. Contact us today about APC MGE Galaxy 5000 uninterruptible power supplies.