APC Symmetra PX UPS

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For high performance designed to provide industry leading reliable support to data centers of any size, go with APC Symmetra PX UPS units. The Symmetra PX is a three-phase UPS that offers maximum power protection, most notably as part of APC’s well-known InfraStruXure systems. Within a single frame, you can enjoy runtime protection, power, and distribution that will meet your data center’s needs.

The APC Symmetra PX is modular and can be scaled without requiring a forced shutdown. Its hot-swappable modules include intelligence, bypass, battery, power, and distribution modules, making your data center planning that much more flexible. It utilizes double conversion technology to increase its efficiency as a UPS. The batteries of the APC Symmetra can last for as long as 5 to 8 years.

In addition to its enviable array of features, the APC Symmetra PX is easy to maintain and has self-diagnostic capabilities that increase its reliability. An LCD display provides easy to read status data, system configuration options, and alarms. A network management card provides notification of UPS events and status to the proper administrations.

The APC Symmetra PX line also forms the core that drives the trademarked APC InfraStruXure system, which incorporates power, cooling, security, management, and rack components to create an industry leading, effective, and low lifecycle cost data center.

If you are looking for a versatile and reliable UPS for your data center that can operate successfully in even the most rugged conditions, look to the APC Symmetra PX UPS. Mission Critical Facilities International buys and sells Symmetra PX units, new and used. If you are looking for fair prices and great service, as either a buyer or a seller of Symmetra PX UPS units, contact Mission Critical Facilities International today for more information on the Symmetra PX.