APC MGE Galaxy 6000 UPS

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For the best in performance and availability, choose the MGE Galaxy 6000 UPS, a three phase, parallel capable uninterruptible power supply that is a great fit for mission critical facilities and extremely large data centers. The MGE Galaxy 6000 UPS was specifically designed for the needs of such environments, from its adaptability to its flexibility for upgrading. The 6000 is the smart choice for low total cost of ownership and high performance in the UPS market.

In these operating environments, a loss of power or data communication ability can create huge problems and financial losses. The APC MGE Galaxy 6000 was designed to maintain high quality power around the clock as efficiently as possible, to protect your facilities and your bottom line alike. The MGE Galaxy 6000 utilizes on-line double conversion and variable frequency switching to prolong the life of the UPS, and to protect your investment.

Another way in which the 6000 protects your investment, is by maximizing the upgradability of the unit. As your power requirements change, you will be able to explore paralleling options and upgrade without loss of continuity.

The APC MGE Galaxy 6000 UPS is also notable as it has been designed for the roughest of environments and is capable of withstanding unpredictable weather and temperature swings. On top of that, the DigiBat battery monitoring system provides comprehensive information on battery life and performance to ensure your power and data are in good hands.

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