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For elite power protection for critical applications, the APC MGE EPS 8000 is a great choice. This 555-1, 100 kVA three-phase UPS is a highly adaptable unit that works well in medium to large buildings, data centers, and as the core of mission critical industrial processes.

The APC MGE EPS 8000 has a number of features that ensure it operates at the highest level of performance with the highest availability. It operates at up to 93.5%, even in rugged conditions, and has fault-tolerant circuitry to protect it from failure or overload induced short-circuiting. Its harmonic distortion is less than 5 percent.

One of the most remarkable features of the APC MGE EPS 8000 is its 100% step-load capability in order to react to load changes with the right voltage. When the load suddenly jumps from 0 to 100 percent on the output of the UPS, the output voltage will remain in tolerance for all three phases. This is highly important since extreme step loads commonly occur with large server banks, or when starting distribution transformers. They also occur frequently in medical and telecommunications industries.

The APC MGE EPS 8000 is also a fairly green unit, considering its performance capacity and reliability. It has a low carbon footprint, low installation costs, and is an optimized CapEx solution. In general, its CapEx and footprint are smaller than SSC-based designs.

The APC MGE EPS 8000 UPS provides impressive power protection to a variety of organizations across many verticals, such as oil and gas, healthcare, industrial and financial applications, and data centers. If you are interested in buying or selling an APC MGE EPS 8000, contact Mission Critical Facilities International today. MCFI provides and purchases great products with expert assistance and customer service at fair prices. If you are looking for the best in power protection, contact Mission Critical Facilities International today.