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A great match for small to medium sized data centers and facilities, the APC MGE Galaxy PW is a three phase double conversion UPS, easily adaptable to the fluctuations in your power supply and needs.

The MGE Galaxy PW provides a lot of power at a high level of efficiency, with industry leading resistance to short-circuits and peak currents in the power flow. It utilizes IGBT technology to keep distortion low, and its output voltage stability helps maintain the exceptional power support of the MGE Galaxy PW. When you need more power, you’ll find that the MGE Galaxy PW is parallel capable and upgradeable, with up to 4 UPS systems able to be connected for increased power capacity.

The MGE Galaxy PW, in addition to providing a steady power supply that will help save your business money, has other features that make it economical for both your operating budget and the environment. The APC MGE Galaxy PW has a THM filter that reduces its energy needs and the physical installation requirements of the unit.

The MGE Galaxy PW has additional features that make it easy to monitor and manage. DigiBat helps you get the most out of your battery life and availability, by measuring battery backup time in conjunction with battery age and temperature. Solution-Pac allows for management of the unit remotely, including everything from restarting the device, to receiving alerts by e-mail, to automatic shutdown of operating systems before the battery backup period has expired.

If your small to medium sized data center or organization is looking for a reliable UPS to support your vital operations, consider the MGE Galaxy PW today. Its reliability and adaptability may be the perfect fit for your needs. Mission Critical Facilities International is proud to carry the APC MGE Galaxy PW and to offer it for sale, new or used, at fair prices with excellent service. We also purchase APC MGE Galaxy PW UPS units, so whether you have one for sale or wish to buy, please contact us today to learn more about this great product.