APC MGE Galaxy 9000 UPS

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For ultra-sensitive applications and large data centers, choose the APC MGE Galaxy 9000. It is able to keep up with ever advancing modern needs for power, and provides exceptional power density, availability, and flexibility for a total cost of ownership that’s friendly to your budget.

The MGE Galaxy 9000 is a favorite of Fortune 500 customers who need the best in power protection. It is a great fit for oil and gas, utility, financial, medical, industrial, and data center uses. It can utilize different battery types and is compliant with a wide variety of loads. It is extremely easy to upgrade in order to meet businesses’ changing needs. It can also withstand some of the harshest possible weather conditions and provide uninterrupted power. Through variable frequency switching and on-line double conversion, the MGE Galaxy 9000 provides high quality power that helps your equipment operate at the highest level, protects your valuable assets, and ensures a longer lifespan for the UPS itself.

In addition to battery flexibility, the MGE Galaxy 9000 UPS also has superior battery monitoring and control. The DigiBat system adjusts battery charging based on temperature, operating power level, battery age and battery parameter type. It will test the battery automatically without detracting from the battery capacity, and it will warn users when batteries are low. The DigiBat reduces costs and maximizes the lifetime of the batteries of the MGE Galaxy 9000.

If you need an exceptionally reliable and powerful UPS for your facility, contact Mission Critical Facilities International today to inquire about new or used APC MGE Galaxy 9000 UPS units. We also purchase new or used Galaxy 9000 uninterruptible power supplies, and offer fair prices and exceptional service to potential sellers. To order or to learn more, contact Mission Critical Facilities International today.