Mission Critical Facilities International has industrial generators for sale for a variety of mission critical operations. Choosing the right equipment is critical for your power supply, and in most cases your company’s revenue and reputation as well. Data centers, hospitals, laboratories, call centers, and oil and gas operations are just some of the facilities that require reliable uninterrupted power supplies. Our selection of industry-renowned power generators and our relationships with manufacturers provide you with the reliability and durability you need for continuous operation at a competitive price.

Types & Brands of Generators

Generators are made for prime, continuous or standby power, and some are built for all three purposes. Continuous and prime generators are mainly needed in remote locations where they will be the primary or only source of power. The difference between the two is that prime generators are designed to operate at a variable load while continuous generators operate at a consistent load. Because these generators operate continually, they are usually more expensive than standby generators and are generally more durable, as they have to tolerate the friction and heat derived from continuous operation. We carry continuous, prime and backup generators. First consider which type of generator will be necessary for your operations.

Our selection of generators includes both diesel and gas from a variety of reliable manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU Onsite Energy and more. These gas and diesel generators are among some of the best in the world, and they are built for maximum efficiency and low energy consumption. MTU Onsite Energy has been doing business for over 100 years and Cummins has been in the diesel engine industry since 1919. Caterpillar has been in business for a similar period, over 90 years. These brands set a standard of excellence and durability in the power generator industry, and we stand behind the products we offer from these manufacturers.
Why Buy Generators from Mission Critical Facilities International?

Our collective decades of experience in the data center and mission critical industry gives us the expertise and experience to help you choose the right generator for your operations. Choosing the right industrial generator(s) for your facility is critical, and it can be a difficult task for someone that doesn’t have much experience with generators or power supplies.

Purchasing the wrong generator for your operations, no matter how reliable it might be, can be a costly mistake. The wrong generator can ruin your current equipment, not provide enough power, or result in the destruction of the generator itself when connected to the wrong equipment. We can help you choose the generator or generators with the right power supply capacity, fuel type, voltage and warranty to fit your needs. We are known for our transparency and our expertise when it comes to power supply consulting. Our factory-certified technicians can also help you install and test your new generator to ensure that your backup power supply is operating optimally. Additionally, we can provide proactive maintenance services for your generator and UPS system.

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