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The Caterpillar brand began using the moniker CAT to mark its equipment around 20 years after the founding of the company. Products marked with CAT have since become symbols of strength, quality, and reliability. Those tenets hold true for the generators manufactured by Caterpillar.

Caterpillar power generators brings CAT's industry leading performance to trustworthy power generation perfect for the extensive power consumption of data centers. Each power generator crafted by Caterpillar meets the unique needs of businesses that run on information technology. Their quality is created by nearly a century of experience in industrial equipment production.

Why Choose Caterpillar Generator Sets?

There's a reason that industry giants and hard-working laborers alike think Caterpillar when they think industrial equipment. The tradition of excellence goes back to revolutions in American industrialization. Today's Caterpillar gensets boast:


  • Superior Productivity – The generators are made for large-scale power consumption over extremely extended periods. They are created with heavy-duty metals and designed to withstand constant torment from gale force winds, storms, hurricanes, and anything else nature can throw at them.
  • Low Operating Costs – The design of the generators allows them to produce clean, reliable, economical power at a low cost to the consumer. Major components are tested one by one before assembly, then tested again once the product is complete to ensure 100% compliance with load and safety regulations.
  • High Trade-In and Resale Value – When you put a product with the name Caterpillar on the market, its value skyrockets. The brand is so synonymous with quality that even trade-ins and used Caterpillar generators for sale in the marketplace command a price that business owners are willing to pay for CAT value.
  • Unprecedented Support – Rely on Caterpillar generation and you'll not only receive the superior support of the experts at Caterpillar but the backing of Mission Critical Facilities International as well. Forget down time and product quirks – you'll have the power of two seasoned teams by your side.

When it comes to keeping your data center online without missing a second of data transfer and storage, you can't afford to take shortcuts. Trust a name that's been around since data centers began – trust Caterpillar standby generators.

Global Emissions Compliance

Emissions standards set real, quantitative limits on air pollutants that are allowed to be released from specific sources. These standards are set and maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency and state law.

Caterpillar power generation subscribes to the belief that EPA enforced guidelines for emissions from power-generating equipment will help protect our planet for generations. The generators at Mission Critical Facilities International all proudly meet EPA standards for clean emissions according to the guidelines set forth for power generators. That means every second the generators are producing power for your data center, they're also protecting our atmosphere from irreversible damage.

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