Caterpillar 3412C Generator

The Caterpillar 3412C generator is a highly efficient product of the CAT family that provides exceptional generator power.

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The Caterpillar 3412C generator is a highly efficient product of the CAT family that provides exceptional generator power. The CAT 3412C can be used as a prime, or backup source of power in almost any condition known to man – such as its industry recognized durable design and power capacity.

CAT 3412C diesel generators are efficient and cost effective, providing more energy per volume than a gasoline powered generator. Diesel generators also generally require less maintenance and burn at a lower temperature than gas generators. This durability makes them perfect for rugged conditions, from ships, to oil rigs, to public buildings, or hospitals that endure harsh weather conditions. The CAT 3412C has a four-stroke-cycle diesel engine, which further adds to its reliability, as compared to a two-stroke-cycle engine, that wears out more quickly and has a shorter life.

In addition to the power related qualities of the CAT 3412C engine, it also has a very user friendly design. It features an EMCP control panel, that out of the box, offers extensive information about power usage and is further customizable to provide the power data that you need.


The Minimum Rating is 591 ekW (680 kVA)

The Maximum Rating is 800 ekW (900 kVA)

Voltage 208 to 600 volts

Frequency 50 or 60 Hz

Speed 1500 or 1800 RPM

Other benefits:

The Caterpillar 3412C generator has been proven in thousands of field applications across the world. It is rigorously tested and designed to withstand the most hostile conditions. It is also extremely customizable so it can meet your specific power and power reading (in terms of the EMCP control panel) needs.

Use Cases:

The Caterpillar 3412C generator is essential to providing an uninterrupted power supply to places that can’t afford an outage – some of the most important buildings and businesses in our society. From data centers to hospitals, to energy sites and military buildings, Caterpillar 3412C generators and other generators in the CAT family allow us to breathe easy through storms and unexpected conditions.

More about the CAT 3412C Generator:

Caterpillar 3412C generators can be relied upon in places as far apart as Africa to the frigid North Sea. They are renowned for performance and reliability. A member of the family of CAT products, the 3412C carries on its reputation as an exceptional performer and lynchpin of an uninterrupted power supply system. For more than 60 years, “CAT” has been shorthand for power and reliability.