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The Cummins Corporation has paved their way to fame with an impressive history of development that includes a number of first-to-market innovations. Their best products are built by employees that believe in the work that they do and the standard of their company. The result of their treasured company vision is a nationwide recognition of the Cummins name as producers of engines, power systems, and fuel technologies that drive the American dream forward.

There is no Cummins equipment that is an exception to the rule. Commercial and industrial generators by Cummins are purpose-built for all-day duty as primary power sources or as backup. Both generators include an abundance of available power generation control and information through advanced control systems that ensure the generators work hard when your energy demands spike.

Why Choose Cummins?

There's hardly a person in the United States that doesn't recognize the Cummins name. Their unyielding motivation to remain an industry leader has set a new standard among competitors for production and manufacturing of power equipment. Today's Cummins gensets boast:

  • Turns on Fast, Doesn't Quit – It takes only 10 seconds for a Cummins industrial generator to begin producing a full power load, and can create rated load in a single step. Its components are crafted to bear heavy mechanical loads over extended periods without failing or breaking for maximum reliability.
  • Low Operating Costs – The design of the generators allows them to produce clean, reliable, economical power at a low cost to the consumer. Major components are tested one by one before assembly, then tested again once the product is complete to ensure 100% compliance with load and safety regulations.
  • Fuel Flexibility – As a national leader in innovation, Cummins understands that fuel and power generation are changing. Specific generators are designed to run on a range of fuel types from diesel and lean-burn gas to natural gas and propane.
  • Unparalleled Support – Cummins stands behinds its products with a generous standard warranty and available extended warranty to give you peace of mind. Plus, Cummins customer support is backed by a full 90 years of experience in creating happy customers that always come back.

Data doesn't quit. It can't quit. And every Cummins generator for sale is prepared to keep your data alive through tough conditions and serious power loads. Whether you need always-on power generation support for data streams or a Cummins standby or backup generator you can trust, the strength of Cummins is strength you can count on.

The Cummins Generators Environmental Commitment

The Environmental Protection Agency and state law govern the real, quantitative limits related to pollutants in the air released from specific sources. Ceilings for environmental release of pollutants help ensure that our planet's natural resources are not overtaken by consumption.

Cummins provide a minimal impact on the environment. Cummins power generation was recognized by several publications for becoming the first engine manufacturer able to meet the EPA's on-highway standards established in 2002. Researchers at Cummins are constantly developing cleaner combustion techniques when generators are used with natural gas. Engine control systems have largely eliminated smoke, and oil consumption is now a fraction of a percent of oil consumed. All generators are planned and designed to run low-noise and low-vibration.

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