MTU Onsite Energy Generators

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With an incredible 60 years of power generation systems experience backed by a full century of diesel engine engineering expertise, the designers and engineers of generators at MTU have a remarkably high standard to which their power generator craftsmanship is held. They deliver mission critical standby power for data centers that carry the burden of a continuous need for power, heating, and cooling, and they do so with customer-centric support and a drive to innovate.

MTU is a global company with a rigid set of 4 values: power, solutions, innovation, and sustainability. The work of MTU has traveled the continents and contributed to the development of a sustainable landscape, the success of an energy-hungry Japanese city, and the unusual power requirements of a Zeppelin hangar. Quality and performance have grown since MTU’s beginning and continues to grow today.

Why Choose an MTU Genset?

MTU has recorded success across the world as different teams contributed to major projects that have impacted life on our planet. When you order one of the MTU generators for sale on our website, you're ordering the heart and grit of the company's employees who designed and built their products for use in an energy-reliant world. MTU gensets boast:

  • Endless Productivity – Always-on data center use requires always-on power that doesn't buckle under the pressure of serious power loads, adverse conditions, and/or extreme temperatures, so that’s why the engineers at MTU create machines that are built tough to last long.
  • Efficiency – Not only are the generators tough, they're also fuel-conscious. Generators save on fuel and maintenance costs by running at maximum efficiency throughout their power cycles, reserving fuel for when it is truly needed.
  • Low Maintenance – Fuel sipping engines also reduce the need to perform expense and cumbersome maintenance. Low fuel and oil consumption prevents mechanical parts from becoming clogged or wearing too quickly, keeping your data center working longer and stronger.

Your data center streams data constantly, and it needs power to do it. Every onsite energy generator is specifically built to withstand extreme conditions and continue generating always-on or backup power for your data center. Rest assured knowing that with an MTU behind your IT infrastructure, you won't have to worry about power failure ruining your data stream.

The MTU Generators for Sustainability`

The Environmental Protection Agency and state law help to place limits on air pollutants created by fuel-burning machines for the good of the environment.

The team that creates MTU equipment has a profound understanding of the global shift toward climate-neutral, regenerative energy sources. As a company, members from development teams and research teams are pitching in to learn and foster new ideas for a sustainable power generation that will allow the generators to continue to be a frontrunner in the world of power generation.

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