How To Save and Make Money Retrofitting Your Data Center

Before you buy all new equipment, toss out old ones or sign a long-term lease agreement for more space, consider retrofitting your data center. Data center capacity demands naturally evolve but the pandemic has accelerated the need to reevaluate your needs for the long haul. Being able to pivot quickly to digital solutions was instrumental; now, building an infrastructure to sustain new digital behaviors is crucial. Some companies need more power density and high-performance computing, some need less, and many must find ways to adapt with little to no budget. Retrofitting your data center is a cost-effective way to address your company’s needs.

COVID changed the world including your data center

The healthcare industry has seen exponential growth in supporting telemedicine service providers.  According to Medi-Cal, their providers have seen a 2000% increase in telemedicine in year one of the pandemic and nearly all intend to make accommodations to continue offering this critical service long term. To support the need for more power, more cooling systems, or to upgrade equipment within the confines of the same footprint, MCFI can retrofit your data center without disrupting service.

MCFI examines your infrastructure and can install power and cooling systems for additional rack capacity or help update your equipment. MCFI can locate difficult-to-find or older components within its vast network to retrofit your data center without having to scrap your equipment entirely.

Not everyone needs to scale up. Some companies can scale down.

Many companies have realized the benefits of a remote workforce and IT organizations are becoming more reliant on cloud and colocation capabilities decreasing or eliminating the need for on-prem data centers. Without offices or less in-office activity, some companies can eliminate or reduce their reliance on private data centers. Do you remember moving out of a house you’ve lived in for 5-10 years? When you’re done going down memory lane, you make a “take pile” and a “junk pile.” MCFI has specialists to decommission unused or outdated elements of your data center in an environmentally safe manner and can manage plans for a seamless transfer of critical data with little to no service disruption.

Get your money back

“By 2025, data centers deploying specialty cooling and density techniques will see 20% to 40% reductions in operating costs,” according to a recent Gartner research report. MCFI has helped its partners reduce future costs with modular data centers and ala carte power and cooling solutions.  They have also helped numerous companies liquidate outdated and unused items (remember those difficult-to-find items we said we can help you find? Same network.). Want to know what your spare equipment is worth? MCFI can help get you top dollar through an asset recovery process.

To adjust your data center for increased or reduced onsite demand, retrofitting your existing infrastructure with the support of MCFI experts can net long-term cost savings. MCFI can design a customized end-to-end solution, source difficult-to-locate or older equipment, and decommission or liquidate your assets for a return on your past investments.

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