MCFI Interview with JSA TV at International Telecoms Week 2022

The MCFI team made quite a splash at International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Washington, D.C. in May. One of the largest events of the year for the telecoms and ICT infrastructure industry, ITW ‘22 gave MCFI a platform to continue its conversation about sustainability and how our lineup of GENIUS solutions is working toward a greener future.

During an interview with JSATV, MCFI’s Patrick Giangrosso had the chance to highlight some of the recent developments regarding GENIUS modular data centers, particularly the energy efficiency improvements and benefits. 

The interview wasn’t all business and tech talk, though. ITW marked the official launch of the Greener Data movement, an initiative driven by industry leaders banding together to author a book about different ways to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. Patrick, who helped co-author the Greener Data book, expanded on MCFI’s various microgrid solutions and environmentally focused initiatives, such as moving away from things like diesel generators. 

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