Another Donation for Obras Sociales in Guatemala

Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro, the Sanctuary of Humanity, was founded over 30 years ago in Guatemala to follow in the footsteps of Saint Hermano Pedro in the care and service of the poor and sick. The hospital has been renovated to create space for medical care of children and adults with chronic diseases who might otherwise be abandoned.

In Mission Critical Facilities International’s tradition of care and community service, we have donated a much-needed generator to the effort so that caregivers are better able to help the sick and dependent live healthier, more fruitful lives.

It means so much to our teams that we’re able not only to fulfill the needs of economically important businesses all over the globe, but that also we have the chance to try to make an impact on the lives of people a world away. In the age of information technology, it’s heartwarming to know that our power and cooling systems can enable humanitarian efforts to maximize the amount of care they can give to men, women, and children who need it.

The wonderful caregivers in Guatemala shared some kind words with us:

Matt, Ashlee, André Calvelo’s Positive Test Was For Anabolic Steroid, Faces Max Four-Year Ban steroid alternative australia anabolic steroids – taylor hooton foundation and the Mission Critical Team:

Greetings from all of us who are part of the Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro, Sanctuary of Humanity family.

On behalf of our 250 residents in Virgen del Socorro, the Franciscan fraternity and the maintenance team, we would like to thank you deeply for continuing to show us your faithful generosity and friendship by supporting us with an electric generator, for facilitating the installation of the generator, and for providing tools to our maintenance department.

The ongoing help and love from benefactors like you make it possible for us to maintain humanitarian work and strengthen ourselves and our efforts day after day.

May you and your families continue to be blessed in abundance.

“Gratitude is the key that turns problems into blessings and the unexpected into beautiful gifts.”

We are eternally grateful for the positivity we have received from the hard workers in Guatemala and will continue to provide equipment and services to keep the dream of love and hope alive at Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro.

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