Liebert Data Center Precision Cooling

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Data centers at any business run hot, and the precision equipment housed inside your IT infrastructure doesn't like extreme heat any more than we do. When the temperature rises, productivity falls, and just like a sweltering, overworked labor force, your data center won't be able to get much done until it cools down.

Liebert's HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment is the climate control miracle your data center needs. Air conditioning by Liebert ensures that your essential data is stored in a cool, dry environment where IT devices can operate at optimal efficiency. They are built specifically to address the needs of always-on computers, earning them the name Liebert computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units.

What Can Liebert Equipment Do for My IT Infrastructure?

The cooling system is engineered to provide incredibly efficient cooling in tight spaces where fragile equipment is stored close together. Their ability to send air into narrow spaces and induce heat transfer from precious data management devices into the air make them ideal for optimizing IT infrastructure.

  • Small Room Cooling – Take full control over the air in your data center with a Liebert computer room air conditioning unit. Protect your equipment with temperature and humidity controls that keep the thermostat right where you want it, even in the slimmest IT infrastructure setups.
  • Large Room Cooling – The air conditioning for large rooms still cools with the precision of all available Liebert CRAC units with added power and precision for high-density modular cooling and telecom enclosures. Large, densely packed data centers produce copious heat, and only a powerful HVAC system can deliver the raw power needed to chill the most active IT setups.

If you've invested in a powerful, efficiently running data center, you know how important it is to keep your configuration online and constantly running. When using the energy required of a data center, heat is simply unavoidable. With the customizability of a Liebert cooling system, including installation in an upflow or downflow configuration, there's no data center that can't be chilled.

Liebert HVAC features

Years of experience in cooling has made Liebert the industry leader in cooling features designed for ultra-high heat environments.

  • Precision cooling for tight spaces
  • Humidity control for delicate equipment
  • Redundancy compressors, motors, and blowers
  • Liebert iCOM remote operation
  • Available air economizers
  • Installation in multiple configurations

Customize how you cool by configuring your Liebert air conditioner to run on air, water, or GLYCOOL depending on your available resources and budget. Variable capacity compressors allow you to decide how much cool air flows through your equipment. High-efficiency motors meet or exceed efficiency requirements, letting you cool your IT equipment without worrying about heating the planet.

Your HVAC is assembled with high-quality refrigeration components that are tested by the manufacturer before the cooling system reaches your business. Should it encounter any problems, it can also be serviced quickly with an easy-access front door.

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