Vertiv / Liebert DS Cooling System

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The Liebert DS Cooling System offers efficiency, reliability, and precision as a room temperature controller. Research shows that delicate electronics must be maintained in a stable environment of 64.4°F to 80.6°F, with moisture between 41.9°F dew point, and 60% relative humidity with 59°F dew point. On top of that, computers and similar electronic equipment generate up to ten times the heat density of normal office space. With that being said, a reliable cooling system is a must. The Liebert DS AC system has the ability to regulate humidity and airflow, ensuring the proper operation of the most critical of electronic equipment. Liebert DS comes in downflow models that range from 28-105kW (8-30 tons) capacities, as well as upflow models that range from 28-42kW (8-12 tons) in size. They come in both 60Hz and 50Hz.

The Liebert DS maintains multiple features making it an extremely flexible and efficient piece of equipment. The system can be installed in an upflow or downflow configuration, and depending on the model, can be adjusted to run on air, water, or glycol. The system also comes equipped with air conditioning and humidity control capabilities. The DS offers flexible cooling through the use of variable capacity compressors, and only requires front access to be serviced. The Liebert DS has functional refrigeration components like dual compressors, A-frame evaporator coils, and come pre-piped, wired, and tested by the manufacturer. Copeland Digital Scroll™ Compressors allow for effortless capacity control, and iCOM controls allow high-level supervision. Lastly, the system’s high efficiency motor well-exceeds government efficiency requirements.

The Liebert DS Cooling System is ideal for telecommunications facilities, industrial process control centers, data centers, laboratories, and just about any other space with sensitive electronic applications. The Liebert brand ensures quality and absolute precision when it comes to air conditioning and complete humidity control for you and your electronics.