Vertiv / Liebert Deluxe System 3

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The Vertiv / Liebert Deluxe System 3 precision cooling system provides concise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity and airflow for proper operation of critical electronic equipment. Redundant critical components, such as compressors, blowers and motors, contribute to system reliability.

The Liebert Deluxe System 3 is available in capacities ranging from 21-105kW (6-30 tons) in compressorized systems, or 35-228kW (10-65 tons) in Chilled Water Systems. The system comes in upflow and downflow models, as well as energy efficient GLYCOOL and Dual Cool hybrid models.

The system has two levels of microprocessor control systems, and features refrigeration components like A-frame evaporator coils, and dual semi-hermetic compressors. Each system is pre-piped, wired, and tested. Dual refrigeration circuits provide useful redundancy. With its 4-step unloaded semi-hermetic compressors, owners can expect the highest levels of energy efficiency. The system’s fan motor also comes equipped with a variable-speed drive.

Some features that come with the Liebert Deluxe System 3 include: auto changeover controllers, a two channel leak detection system, centralized monitoring software, centralized monitoring and control, a Liebert SiteLink communication interface, and a Liebert IntelliSlot 485 interface card.

The Liebert Deluxe System 3 is best suited for use in data centers, telecommunications facilities, industrial process control centers, laboratories, or in other electronic-sensitive applications. Liebert systems are designed with intentions to cool and protect critical computing systems. With the widest range of mission-critical environmental controls, Liebert is the expert in the field. Investing in a Liebert Deluxe System 3 means environmental efficiency, and the utmost reliability when it comes to cooling your mission critical equipment.