Vertiv / Liebert Challenger 3000 Cooling System

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The Liebert Challenger 3000 precision air conditioning system works to provide absolute environmental control in just about any setting. Through the use of calculated temperature, exact humidity and proper air filtration, the Challenger is able to regulate any room based on its particular needs. The Liebert Challenger 3000 is very compact and therefore ideal for areas where space is at a premium. Any necessary components are easily accessed from the front, making it possible to store the unit in a corner or up against other equipment.

Why does your computer room or facility need a Challenger? Believe it or not, computers and other business electronics generate up to ten times the heat of a normal office space. The Liebert Challenger can handle this irregularity and balance out this ratio for the safety of both your employees and electronics. The Liebert Challenger 3000 comes in two different versions: a 10.5 or 17.5 kW (3 and 5 tons) capacity in a 60 Hz or a 50 Hz model. Even further, it comes with cooling configurations that vary from: air-cooled, water-cooled, glycol-cooled and GLYCOOL™ . The Challenger also comes in upflow and downflow models.

Part of what makes Liebert cooling systems unique is the infrared humidifier feature that has been around for over 25 years. Through infrared technology, the Challenger provides precise, particle-free humidity control. Another great feature is the Autoflush System that helps control any buildup of mineral solids, reducing potential maintenance time. Microprocessor controls give the Liebert Challenger the ability to maintain precision temperatures and humidity for any business’ precious electronics. The micro processing systems come in two different versions: the standard Advanced Microprocessor, and the Advanced Microprocessor with Graphics. Through the use of these microprocessors, users regulate controls over the unit that include monitoring, event logging, diagnostics, and alarms.

With a Liebert Challenger 3000, expect higher availability, flexibility, and lower ownership costs. This air conditioning system was designed with all of these aspects in mind. The Liebert brand ensures quality and provides complete environmental management through both precision air conditioning and complete humidity control.