Automatic Transfer Switches

Mission Critical Facilities International sells automatic transfer switches (ATS) for generators used in mission critical operations. There are both manual and automatic options, but for data centers and most industrial facilities, an automatic transfer switch is the most practical option. Automatic power transfer switches can detect when generators are ready to provide power and when the switch must be made. In complex electrical setups, multiple transfer switches may be needed to direct power to particular mission critical circuits or electrical (sub)panels. Transfer switches can be made to prioritize heating and/or cooling equipment, and can be set up to strategically distribute power among generators. We sell a variety of ATS equipment made by top manufacturers in the industry at competitive prices.

Types & Brands of ATS Equipment

There are several types of automatic transfer switches that distribute power, including standard, bypass-isolation, and service-entrance configurations. They can be programmed to function with open, closed, or programmed power transitions. An open transfer switch breaks contact with one power source before tapping into another. This prevents backfeeding, but this might not be the best choice for every facility, as it does mean a loss of power, even if only for a sixth of a second.

When power cannot be lost whatsoever, a closed transition transfer switch may be appropriate. This switch operates when both sources are synchronized. Permission may need to be acquired from normal power suppliers/utility companies to use this sort of switch as it does involve having a generator and a utility power operate at the same time, if only for a split second. Programmed, or delayed transfer, is another option for automatic transfer switches. These provide the added functionality needed to control the speed of the switch operation and allow residual voltage to decay.

Mission Critical Facilities International sells automatic transfer switches from trusted brands like Eaton, Caterpillar, MTU onsite and more. Our selection is both comprehensive and reliable. With collective decades of experience working with backup power equipment, we have learned which products are the best of the best.

Why Buy Transfer Switches from Mission Critical Facilities International?

With our years of experience working with data center and mission critical equipment, we can help you choose the best transfer switches for your facilities. Our factory-certified technicians will also install your new automatic transfer switches and take any old ones off your hands. We have been buying and selling data center equipment for years, and we offer competitive pricing. In addition to selling backup power equipment, we are service providers that maintain and repair your generators, transfer switches, UPS systems and other power equipment. We are known for our transparency and expertise in the industry, and we’ll always let you know the best options for your facility based on efficiency, cost and durability.

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