Cummins OTEC ATS

The OTEC series transfer switch provides the basic features you need for primary source and generator set monitoring, generator set starting and load transfer functions for emergency standby power applications.

• Open (in-phase) or programmed transition
• 40-1000 amps
• 3- and 4-pole
• Microprocessor control standard
• Service entrance option available
• UL-listed

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Cummins Power Generation switches are built to withstand thousands of switching cycles, ensuring reliable operation. The OTEC series transfer switch provides the durability for your operations and offers the basic features you need.

• Easy service/access – Plug connections, door-mounted controls, ample access space, compatible terminal markings simplify access
• Advanced transfer switch mechanism – Bi-directional linear motor actuator provides virtually friction-free, constant-force, straight-line transfer switch action with no complex gears or linkages
• Break-before-make action – Independent break-before-make action is used for both 3-pole and 4-pole/switched neutral switches
• Main contacts – Heavy-duty silver alloy contacts with separate arcing surfaces and multi-leaf arc chutes are rated for total system transfer including overload interruption
• Mechanical interlock – Prevents simultaneous closing of normal and emergency contacts
• Positive interlocking – Mechanical and electrical interlocking prevent source-to-source connection through the power or control wiring
• Manual operation – Manual operating handles, shielded termination and over-center type contact mechanisms allow effective, manual operation under de-energized conditions
• Microprocessor control – Fully-featured microprocessor control is standard, with all features, settings and adjustments software-enabled for ease of setup and accuracy
• Service entrance option available