Cummins OTPC ATS

The OTPC ATS is a premium-featured PowerCommand transfer switch ideal for emergency, code-required and optional standby power applications. The OTPC transfer switch is available in several different control configurations to meet the requirements of your load transfer application.

• Open, close or programmed transition
• 40-4000 amps
• 3- and 4-pole
• PowerCommand Control
• SCADA or LonWorks Communication
• Service entrance option available
• UL-listed

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PowerCommand® automatic transfer switches feature microprocessor-based control technology for easy operation and robust, high-contact-force design. Cummins Power Generation switches are built to withstand thousands of switching cycles, ensuring reliable operation. The OTPC series automatic transfer switch provides the durability for critical operations and offers premium features.

• PowerCommand control – Microprocessor-based controls are developed specifically for automatic transfer switch operation
• Robust control system design – Optically-isolated logic inputs and high-isolation transformers for AC power inputs provide high-voltage surge protection
• Communications capability – Transfer switch communicates via a SCADA network or LonWorks
• Easy service/access – Plug connections, door-mounted controls, ample access space, compatible terminal markings simplify access
• Advanced transfer switch mechanism – Bi-directional linear motor actuator provides virtually friction-free, constant-force, straight-line transfer switch action with no complex gears or linkages
• Break-before-make action – Independent break-before-make action is used for both 3-pole and 4-pole/switched neutral switches
• Main contacts – Heavy-duty silver alloy contacts with separate arcing surfaces and multi-leaf arc chutes are rated for total system transfer including overload interruption
• Mechanical interlock – Prevents simultaneous closing of normal and emergency contacts
• Service entrance option available
• LED bar graph – Displays color-coded and easy-to-read load status including 3-phase AC voltage, current, frequency, kW and power factor
• Sync command – Works with PowerCommand generator set for highly reliable closed-transition and in-phase transfers
• Long-life, high-visibility LED indicators – Designed to last the life of the control; include “not in auto” and “test/exercise active” monitoring
• Momentary push buttons – Allow for quick, one-touch testing and retransfer of power
• Digital vacuum fluorescent displays – Feature 2-line-by-20-character for easy reading at a distance; superior to LCD-type displays at extreme operating temperatures
• Automatic transfer switch – standard and optional features
• Lamp test button
• Front panel security lock – Safeguards against unauthorized adjustments or operation
• Override button – Bypasses time delays
• PowerCommand networking capability – Monitors the entire Cummins Power Generation power system