Turnkey UPS Installation Services

UPS systems are essential for critical facilities. It protects your equipment and information in the critical time before the backup generator kicks in. Mission Critical Facilities International provides turnkey uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) installation and setup services for data centers and other facilities. Designed to offer maximum convenience and savings, scheduled turnkey installation services are the perfect solution if you’re interested in more than a traditional startup service. Our service provides the benefits of trained field technicians and certified licensed electricians, fully preparing your UPS prior to startup, including unpacking, installing necessary infrastructure, electrical connections and cabling an ups battery installation. In addition, it covers all steps and energizing procedures required to ensure a professional commissioning.

Turnkey Installation Solutions

Our UPS turnkey installation service consists of three individual services that can be ordered in any combination to meet practically any power quality site requirement:

Site Assessment and Electrical

Electrical installation service enables us to subcontract with a certified, licensed, local electrician already trained to work with us on solutions and accessories for a comprehensive end-to-end installation. We arrange a site assessment prior to the project, identifying specific electrical requirements and creating a formal written project estimate. The scope includes all appropriate labor, materials, travel, permits and rigging to ensure a comprehensive installation.

Equipment Installation

We provide unpacking, rack installation, cabling, and accessory setup of both small and hard-wired UPS products. You will appreciate having our team unpack, set up and install complex UPS systems into existing racks or new UPS rooms, saving time and money. Optionally, we can arrange removal and disposal of existing equipment upon request.


Factory startup service delivers a trained factory field technician to inspect, test and energize an already installed UPS. This service includes configuration setup, final system testing to ensure proper factory settings and performance calibration with any accessories, and basic operator training. Long life and maximized power reliability of professionally commissioned UPS units can be achieved by testing, calibrating, optimizing, and familiarizing users with proper operation and features of the system and accessories.

Benefits of Mission Critical Facilities International Turnkey Installation Services:

  • We offer a convenient and hassle-free experience. Our turnkey UPS installation service takes care of the project from beginning to end. We can also provide ongoing maintenance.
  • You save time by using our turnkey installation services. We are accustomed to meeting tight deadlines and finish the job much quicker than if you had to manage the project on your own.
  • Your business saves money and minimizes risk by having a reliable UPS system that is properly installed and tested by factory-certified electricians and technicians.
  • We are experts in power equipment for critical facilities and have over 15 years of experience in the industry.
  • We are vendor-agnostic and work with leading manufacturers. We offer an extensive inventory of UPS systems and provide certified technicians for each type of system.
  • Peace of mind. You can rest assured that you have the best UPS solution installed for your business, and that our team has properly installed it for maximum reliability.

Contact Mission Critical Facilities International for Your UPS Installation Project

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