Facility & Data Center Decommissioning

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) specializes in turnkey infrastructure projects, including data center decommissioning and equipment recycling. We recognize that you may need to move quickly if your building lease is up or your site needs to be repurposed. By managing every aspect of your building decommissioning, we’re able to remove equipment from your data center and return the space as required by you or your landlord in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.

When you work with MCFI, you’ll always know what to expect. We’ll provide a turnkey quote and a plan of action up front, and we’ll always communicate with you if we need to deviate from our plan. We want you to think of us as your trusted partner in all data center infrastructure projects.

One Team for Your Facility Decommissioning Project

One of the biggest challenges of any data center decommissioning project is coordinating the multiple contractors and vendors involved in removing and recycling electronics, handling hazardous materials, and restoring the building to its previous state. You won’t have to worry about that when you work with MCFI because we handle all decommissioning services from start to finish.

In the 15-plus years we’ve been in business, we’ve built up a large international network of trusted contractors, making it easy for us to put together an experienced team for your facility decommissioning project. We work with electricians, EPA-certified waste disposal professionals, and other specialists to ensure that your facility is safely restored to a white box state.

Our decommissioning services include:

  • Generator and UPS Purchase, Shut Down and Removal
  • UPS Battery Removal and Recycling
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Including Freon, Glycol and Diesel
  • Electrical Switchgear, Panelboard and Breaker Safe-Off, Disconnection and Removal
  • Removal of Raised Flooring
  • Removal of CRAC Units, PDUs, Network and Fiber Cable, and Server Racks
  • Equipment Appraisal and Reselling
  • Demo of Walls, Ceiling and Anything Else to Satisfy Landlord Requirements
  • Facility Cleanup

If you’re decommissioning your facility because you’re moving locations, we can also manage your equipment transportation and set-up at your new facility. We provide data center installation services all over the world.

UPS and Generator Recycling Services

Transporting UPS batteries and industrial generators to the appropriate recycling facilities can be a hassle, which is why MCFI includes UPS and generator recycling in our decommissioning services. If your UPS batteries or generators can’t be resold, we’ll pick them up and transport them to EPA-compliant recycling facilities. We can also provide you with a report so that you know your equipment has been recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

Decommissioning Consulting Services

If you already have a data center decommissioning team but need help coming up with an efficient and cost-effective strategy to remove your equipment, MCFI can act as your consultant. We’ll perform a site audit and make recommendations to help you maximize the value of your equipment as you decommission your facility. We can help you evaluate which equipment to sell and recycle, and we can come up with strategies to keep your decommissioning project on schedule.

Learn More About Our Decommissioning Services

We want to hear about your data center decommissioning project. We’re confident in our abilities to streamline your facility decommissioning, manage a team of experienced contractors, and provide full transparency along the way.

Fill out our online contact form or call us at 877-881-2781. We look forward to the chance to serve as your data center decommissioning partner.