Containerized Data Center Considerations

Various benefits, such as portability, durability, rapid deployment, energy efficiency, and high scalability, have accelerated the growth and popularity of containerized data center solutions. Valued at $7.9 billion in 2021, experts estimate that the global containerized data market will expand at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 25.1% by 2030. Traditional data centers were the default choice of businesses and other organizations. However, the significant drawbacks of conventional brick-and-mortar data centers, like expensive cost, long time to deployment, extensive space requirements, and no room for scalability, have made businesses increasingly rely on modular options such as containerized data centers. Learn more about how to select the containerized data center manufacturer that will help you achieve your organizations’ data center goals.

How To Choose a Containerized Data Center Manufacturer

When planning to install a containerized data center, primary concerns are usually deployment time and total cost of ownership (TCO). Installing a data center is an expensive project, and you need to ensure that you're making the right choices to get the maximum ROI. While containerized data centers are cost-effective compared to traditional brick-and-mortar centers, you need to work with the right containerized data center vendors to help you derive the maximum benefits. Here are a few considerations to help you choose the right containerized data center manufacturers:

Trust and Reputation

Look for a reliable containerized data center manufacturer that has consistently maintained their target delivery time. A reputable data center vendor will provide you with concrete delivery dates that you can count on. Delayed delivery timelines will lead to a domino effect that can cause cost overruns, lack of stakeholder trust, and other negative consequences. Choose an experienced and trustworthy containerized data center supplier that not only meets the delivery dates but also provides you with valuable insights to save time and reduce installation costs.


When you start searching for containerized data center companies, review the experience and expertise of different suppliers. Look for solutions providers that have experience in delivering customized solutions for your industry. For example, some vendors might specialize in military installations, while others might have extensive experience installing data centers for telecommunication firms. Finding a vendor with expertise and experience in your industry or use case increases the chances of a smooth and hassle-free installation. Here are a few questions you can ask to help you evaluate the experience of containerized data center manufacturers: how many years have you been in business, what types of containerized data center projects have you completed, can you provide examples of containerized data center solutions that you have completed and their timelines.

Customization and Adaptability

While containerized data centers are standardized and available in predetermined sizes, not all projects are the same. Evaluating the vendor's design adaptability and customization capabilities can help you find a suitable manufacturer for your business requirements. Check if the vendor has a collaborative process to develop and design new modular data center solutions. The ideal containerized data center manufacturer has comprehensive expertise to understand your specific requirements and address your unique business challenges with the right solutions.

Quality Assurance

Look for containerized data manufacturers that maintain the highest quality standards throughout the process. Review the quality assurance, inspections, and other procedures to find the right vendor that can deliver high-quality solutions. Check if the provider has various industry certifications.

MCFI: Leading Containerized Data Center Manufacturer

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI) offers fully turnkey containerized data center solutions that can efficiently expand your existing IT infrastructure. With years of experience delivering custom containerized data centers for businesses and organizations across industries, we provide you with high-quality, customized data center solutions tailored to your business requirements. Here are a few reasons to choose us as your containerized data center vendor partner:

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

We help you get the maximum value out of your containerized data center. Our GENIUS and containerized modular data centers are easy to install and quick to deploy, helping you optimize available space and begin data center operations as quickly as possible.

Lowered Construction Time

GENIUS modular data centers can be operational in five months, depending on permits and other licenses. This short time to market allows you to commence revenue generation quickly.


Designed to international standards, GENIUS modular data centers are suitable for deployment worldwide, irrespective of local conditions.

Durability and Sustainability

Made with recycled steel and low-carbon concrete, GENIUS is highly durable. We also offer green energy solutions like hydrogen and biofuel backup to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Our Next Generation Modular Data Center Solution


GENIUS Modular Data Centers range in many configurations that are flexible to your needs:


8-15kW/rack, up to 250 racks


8-15kW/rack, segmented infrastructure/secure rooms


10 - 15kW/rack, 500kW blocks

Edge HD

+20kW/rack, 500kW blocks, water cooled

Customizable and operational in five months with industry leading sustainability initial costs.

Contact MCFI To Design, Develop & Build Your Next Containerized Data Center

Contact us today to learn more about MCFI's containerized data center solutions including GENIUS and leverage the next generation of data centers for your business.