Tips for Selling Surplus and Used Generators

When you are planning to sell surplus or used generators, it is important to gather as much information about the piece of equipment as you can. As a seller, to get the best return for the sale of your asset, it is your responsibility to capture images of the generator, compile information about the equipment, and provide prompt responses regarding the condition of the generator.

Here at Mission Critical Facilities International, we are able to provide the highest offers when sellers provide us with thorough details. Photographs should include: a full view of the unit, its enclosure, the engine ID tag, the hour meter, close up shots of the engine, the name plate, transfer switch, and images of additional features that the generator may include.

Copies of service records, submitted documents, manuals, as well as any information you as the seller can provide about the service history are all a plus.

Mission Critical Facilities International’s specialties lie in buying and selling generators that are used. Factors to take into account when pricing a used generator include: the capacity load of the unit, the brand, the unit’s age, whether it was used for back-up or primary use, what kind of fuel it uses, the number of previous owners, where it was installed, if it was an indoor or outdoor generator, any repairs or problems experienced, any alarms or special features, the unit’s decibel level when running, and the cost of shipping.