Modular Data Centers

Modular data centers have emerged as one of the most dynamic, cost-efficient, and scalable solutions for businesses that need data center power in new places. Containerized or portable modular data centers and prefab data centers alike can be designed, sourced, and installed by Mission Critical Facilities International on even the most aggressive of timelines, providing your company with the infrastructure it needs.

One of the great advantages to modular data centers are how easy they are to get up and running, and Mission Critical Facilities International will get yours up and running the fastest. A number of brands, including Schneider Electric, offer data center modules out of the box that we can help you select, customize, test, and install.

In addition to providing modular data centers, Mission Critical Facilities International can also help you determine if a modular data center is the appropriate solution for your business. Is a modular data center the right fit for your IT infrastructure? If so, which kind? How can your business’ deployment of modular data centers scale your services, and where would they be the best fit? Should a modular data center be your backup or primary IT infrastructure solution? Mission Critical Facilities International can help find the right solution and sort out the underwhelming products from the outstanding ones. As part of helping you make these decisions, Mission Critical Facilities International is transparent and fair and uses SharePoint as part of our project management to enhance collaboration efforts and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Modular data centers are used by some of the world’s biggest companies, including Google, IBM, and HP, to provide the data center power and flexibility that they need. Contact Mission Critical Facilities International today to learn more about how a modular data center can benefit your business and to arrange the installation of such a center as soon as you need it.